Bio-Transport Module (Apocalypse)

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This X-Com produced unit is designed to contain Alien specimens, alive or dead. In order to retrieve Alien life forms, X-Com Agents must have Bio-Transport capability at a building after a tactical combat mission.
Bio-Transport Module

Craft Item

  • Size: 2 × 2
  • Weight: 65
  • Capacity: 20
  • Manufacturer: X-Com
  • Sell Price: 950
  • Maximum Weekly Stock: 4

Note: The module has a stated capacity of 20 'units' of alien lifeforms. This is incorrect. There is no upper limit!

This module allows recovery and transport of any alien lifeform, alive or dead. X-Com craft equipped with this module must land at any base which has an Alien Containment facility to off-load the biological entities. If no containment facility is present at the base, the option to "Keep On Board" is available where the craft can then transport the lifeforms to the correct base. This choice is only possible once per alien load.
Only one module is needed for each craft used in a recovery role since it has 'unlimited' capacity. Note: Transfer of alien lifeforms is possible since Transtellar "Air-Trans" vehicles will also be equipped with this module.
Note: A vehicle manufactured by X-Com has a similar name: Bio-Trans.

Incorrect Picture: The in-game UFOpedia incorrectly displays this 'grey module with cargo rollers' as a bio-transport module.