Bio-Transport Module (Apocalypse)

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The Bio-Transport module is used to ferry organic lifeforms, both dead and alive, recovered from a mission site that has been cleared of all hostiles - and where appropriate: mission objectives - back to an X-COM Alien Containment module for research purposes.

The vehicle carrying the Bio-Transport can unload all of its contents into the Alien Containment module of any X-COM base that it parks or docks at. If there is no module at the base, the aliens will remain in the Bio-Transport module. If there is a containment module but insufficient room, you are given the opportunity to decide which aliens are to be kept or disposed.

New safety protocols require that all alien life forms be incinerated. Since corpses have no value beyond research, it is safe to remove this module after all specimens have been captured. Reinstall the module when new UFOs pop up, to capture the new aliens available.

Though the information may suggest otherwise, the Bio-Transport Module is similar to Cargo Module in that there is no upper limit to how many aliens the Bio-Transport Module can ferry from mission sites.

Not to be confused with the Bio-Trans.

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