Cloaking Field (Apocalypse)

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The cloaking field is a large alien device found on UFOs that is in essence a much more powerful version of the Missile Evasion Matrix. The partial transparency effect that it provides does not hide the vehicle and is only cosmetic in function.

While it does provide superior jamming capabilities to the Missile Evasion Matrix, the Cloaking Field is probably more efficient mounted on the UFOs that they are found on rather than on X-COM aircraft due to its unwieldy size. If necessary, the Annihilator and the Bio-Trans have reasonable amount of space for the cloaking field. Other ships will be at a loss for space to arm the much coveted and very necessary Small Disruption Shields when fighting larger UFOs.

It is debatable whether to use the cloaking field and tempt fate and try to make one missile miss, or to arm more shields and just soak up the damage from the aforementioned missile. This is a decision best left to the tactician to decide.

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