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Tracked Robots

(see also Heavy Weapons Platforms)

1004.5 HWP Team

The Mobile Heavy Weapons Platform, or HWP, is a remotely operated armoured robotic chassis. Its light weight and small size compared to standard armored vehicles allow it to be carried in the Skyranger alongside airborne infantry. Using standard comlink frequencies and an encrypted control channel, the HWP operator is able to achieve tight interaction with the rest of the squad despite being in a remote physical location. The HWP sensor suite gives the operator visual acuity equivalent to the soldiers on location. The target resolution works slowly, making it unsuitable for reaction fire. The HWP chassis is 1.2 meters wide by 1.5 meters long by 1 meter high. It is capable of 40 km/h speeds and has a 100kg load capacity for ammunition. It is often referred to as a miniature tank and can be used in similar roles.

1004.5.1 Main roles

1004.5.1.1 Scouting

High speed allows recon over wide region. Care must be taken to not get so far ahead that the HWP cannot be supported by the rest of the squad.

1004.5.1.2 Bounding

The high speed of the HWP enables it to cover ground quickly and establish presence in flanking positions, supporting further squad movement.

1004.5.1.3 Forced Entry

The main advantage here is that where loss risk is high, the HWP can be used as the breaching unit in order to protect the more valuable soldiers. Combine with other tactics such as smoke. Remember the tank is not as manuverable as a soldier and passageways may have to be widened for access.

1004.5.1.4 Hostile Area Deployment

Similarly the HWP, when placed at the exit ramp, can save lives by being the first unit deployed into hostile landing zones. The HWP should seek to establish as many enemy positions as possible before returning fire.

1004.5.1.5 Heavy Weapons Support

Surprisingly a little used role, the HWP can offer HW support to fireteams without a HW component and can even make use of its speed to support multiple teams by travelling between them.

1004.5.1.6 Decoy/Draw Fire

Because it is immune to their Psionics, aliens hold a particular hostility toward the HWP. In situations where the aliens have a choice between shooting a trooper and an HWP, they will almost invariably fire at the HWP, even when it presents nominally less of threat. Commanders can use this fact to draw fire from strategically important or vulnerable units at key moment. However, the Commander must keep in mind that the HWP is far from invulnerable.

1004.5.2 Armament

Recoil design constraints limit the size of the armament for the HWP platform. The following armaments have been approved for field use.

1004.5.2.1 Cannon 25mm (M242 Chain Gun)

The 25mm high velocity round provides firepower between that of the Auto and Heavy Cannon in damage capability. 30 round magazine. Single-shot mode only. See Tank/Cannon.

1004.5.2.2 Rocket 66mm (M202 Quad Launcher)

The two quadruple rocket pods provide 8 high explosive rocket munitions. Firepower is approximately equivalent to the Small Rocket for man-portable Rocket Launchers. Should never be left to reaction-fire in close situations. See Tank/Rocket Launcher.

Laser:5004 classified

Firepower similar to Portable Heavy Laser, improved X-Alloy armour. See EYES ONLY.

Plasma:5004 classified

Standard model comes with Hoverdrive, Elerium use negligible. Plasma weapon weaker than man-portable Heavy Plasma, incapable of breaching internal UFO bulkheads. See EYES ONLY.

Fusion:5004 classified

A lighter rating of Blaster Launcher weaponry, shares programmable projectile path ability for indirect fire. Weaker projectile, incapable of breaching outer bulkheads of alien craft. Ammo capacity similar to Rocket tank. Same warnings apply. See EYES ONLY.

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