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The Spawning Chamber is the seventh building of ten in the series of alien structures.

This structure appears to be the source of all Alien eggs. Few Aliens enter the building but many are seen to leave. Our Scientists fear the existence of a frightful Alien Queen. Exercise extreme caution if you encounter such an Alien.  From: Apocalypse Ufopaedia

The Spawning Chamber appears to be a very special structure. Very few Aliens enter this structure although vast numbers of Aliens regularly leave the building. Our research indicates that this building is the lair for some kind of Alien queen. We believe this Alien to be the sole producer of Alien Eggs from which all Aliens hatch. Whilst the primary objective is the destruction of the Queen and all Alien Eggs, the live capture of the Alien Queen would be a vicious insult to the Aliens.  From: Mission Briefing


This building has one area which contain the Alien Queen (shown left). The objective is either capture or death of the Queenspawn.


The alien battlescape is five levels high.
The queen is located in an extremely well defended unique large building with very thick walls further protected by an invunerable forcefield enclave ...and a very damage resistant red biological matting used as a floor ...and four individual re-inforement pads for quick assistance ...and numerous large defenders ...and finally a large collection of alien eggs.
The queen's building has a wide entry archway and with brown rock ceiling.
The remaining battlescape segments are of the standard architecture along with orange pad devices using the generic brown rock scoffold.
A unique type of plant is found with the generic architecture. The plant off-gasses a pink smoke effect of unknown purpose if destroyed.
Oddity: The 'invunerable' red floor can be collapsed by removing everything underneath. The forcefield is invunerable - the floor inside at the rear can be cut away which will allow access underneath the queen's platform.

Orange Pads

Re-Inforcement Timer is 18 seconds.
Three locations. Twelve pads in total.
Two battlescape segments contain one orange pad device each, with four pads per structure. The queen's lair contains four seperate pads slightly elevated above the red floor.


  • 6x Alien Egg
  • 6x Anthropod
  • 6x Skeletoid
  • 3x Megapsawn
  • 2x Psimorph
  • 1x Queenspawn

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