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The Alien queen is ultimately the production unit for all Alien life forms. Its mobility is severely limited when fully grown and it also requires exactly the right atmospheric conditions in order to breed properly and produce the Alien eggs. These conditions are only provided by the spawning chambers inside an Alien building, which also provide a food source by plugging directly into the Queenspawn's blood supply. This confirms that the Aliens cannot conquer our dimension without a steady supply of Alien reinforcements through the Dimension Gates, although their motive for such incursions is still unknown.  From: Apocalypse Ufopaedia


  • Grown-In Weapons = Corrosive Spit, Tentacle Whip
  • Health = 600
  • Speed / Time Units = 45
  • Accuracy = 60
  • Reactions = 20
  • Stamina = 40
  • Strength = 60
  • Bravery = 100
  • Armour¹: 30/30/30/30/30/30
  • Psi Energy = 0
  • Psi Attack = 0
  • Psi Defense = 90
  • Size = gigantic
  • Inventory = no
  • Movement = immobile
  • Infiltration Influence = weak ‡
  • Score = 50

¹ armour values : Head/Body/Left Arm/Right Arm/Legs/Under (approximately)
Errors: ‡ irrelevant - never appears within Mega-Primus' buildings.
Image, bottom only: Unconscious and Dead are the same.

The massive form of the Alien queen is designed to lay huge numbers of Alien eggs during its life time. The Queenspawn uses a complex asexual reproduction system to produce large numbers of Alien eggs in order to create new types of Alien creature. The importance of the Queenspawn for Alien population growth makes it an important strategic target.  From: Apocalypse Ufopaedia

A massive tentacled beast only encountered once.

A Queenspawn does not appear within any building.



A Queenspawn is very resistant to psionics.

The Queenspawn is the progenitor of all alien life within the Alien Dimension.
The Queenspawn is only found once. It uses two grown-in weapons for combat: an extremely strong enzyme spit for long range attack and a poweful whip effect from its tentacles when a hostile is nearby.
The Queenspawn is a massive lifeform with health to match. As it is a unque alien, the priority is to capture it alive. Stunning a queenspawn is a tedious and dangerous endeavour. The queenspawn's health must be reduced by two-thirds before any stun effects can neutralise the alien.
Note: The unconscious alien will look the same as it does when dead. When trying to stun it, do not assume you killed it accidently.

A Queenspawn is slightly resistant to stun gas and stun grapple, resistant to Toxin-A whereas Toxin-B has a more potent effect.

Queenspawn research is an important step for understanding alien infiltration, lifecycle, weaknesses and their final agenda.

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