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A basic storage facility, that allows vast amounts of goods to be held in reserve at the base.

Ammunition, equipment, alien artefacts, fuel and other items need sufficient storage space before they can be purchased or transferred in from another base.

Similar to its analogues in X-COM Enemy Unknown and Terror From The Deep, a store module does not technically control the upper limit of goods that can be stored in a base. Instead, it controls the level at which the stored goods can be managed.

While under capacity, you can purchase and transfer equipment directly to the base.

While over the capacity, neither of these actions are possible. A base can however continue to receive equipment stored on X-Com vehicles equipped with a Cargo Module. Agents and vehicles can unload equipment directly into storage. Items produced in the workshop also ignore store capacity.

Note: Base store to base store transfer is facilitated by Airtrans couriers provided by Transtellar. Hostile relations with Transtellar will prevent you from being able to transfer equipment this way. Agent equipment and vehicle parts can still be transferred between stores by having agents and X-Com vehicles manually pick up and transfer the items between bases.


Size (in base)1x1
Days to build2
Construction Cost$1000
Weekly Cost$100
Score points?

Item capacity

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Item Capacity group Capacity cost
Megapol AP Grenade Agent 5
Megapol Stun Grenade Agent 5
Megapol Smoke Grenade Agent 5
Marsec Proximity Mine Agent 10
Marsec High Explosive Agent 20
Megapol Lawpistol Agent 9
Megapol Lawpistol Clip Agent 5
Marsec M4000 Machine Gun Agent 15
Marsec M4000 Gun Clip Agent 5
Megapol Laser Sniper Gun Agent 20
Megapol Laser Sniper Pod Agent 5
Megapol Auto Cannon Agent 30
Megapol Auto Cannon AP Clip Agent 8
Megapol Auto Cannon HE Clip Agent 8
Megapol Auto Cannon IN Clip Agent 8
Megapol Plasma Gun Agent 10
Megapol Plasma Pod Agent 5
Marsec Heavy Launcher Agent 40
Marsec Heavy Lanucher HE Missile Agent 9
Marsec Heavy Lanucher IN Missile Agent 9
Marsec Minilauncher Agent 18
Marsec MiniLauncher HE Missile Agent 6
Marsec MiniLauncher IN Missile Agent 6
Megapol Stun Grapple Agent 25
Alien Gas Agent 5
Tracker Gun Clip1 Agent 5
Tracker Gun1 Agent 5
Multi-Tracker1 Agent 5
PSI-Grenade1 Agent 5
ForceWeb1 Agent 5
Toxigun Agent 15
Toxigun A-Clip Agent 5
Toxigun B-Clip Agent 5
Toxigun C-Clip Agent 5
Dimension Destabiliser1 Agent 5
Mind Shield Agent 5
Mind Bender Agent 10
Alien Detector1 Agent 15
Disruptor Gun Agent 15
Devastator Cannon Agent 30
Boomeroid Agent 10
Power Sword Agent 15
Brainsucker Launcher Agent 45
Entropy Launcher Agent 20
Dimension Missile Launcher Agent 40
Dimension Missile Agent 9
Vortex Mine Agent 12
Personal Disruptor Shield Agent 30
Personal Teleporter Agent 25
Personal Cloaking Field Agent 20
Energy Pod1 Agent 5
Medi-Kit Agent 20
Motion Scanner Agent 8
Brainsucker Pod2 Agent 16
Entropy Pod Agent 8
Incendiary Grenade Agent 5
Psiclone Agent 8
Megapol Leg/Body/Right Arm/Left Arm Armor and Helmet Agent 45
Marsec Leg Units and Body/Right Arm/Left Arm/Helmet Unit Agent 50
X-COM Leg Shields and Body/Right Arm/Left Arm/Head Shield Agent 35
Light Weapons Control Vehicle 10
Medium Weapons Control Vehicle 20
Heavy Weapons Control Vehicle 40
Advanced Control System Vehicle 40
Cargo Module Vehicle 40
Passenger Module Vehicle 40
Bio-Transport Module Vehicle 40
Missile Evasion Matrix Vehicle 40
Small Disruption Shield Vehicle 40
Large Disruption Shield Vehicle 90
Cloaking Field Vehicle 90
Teleporter Vehicle (air) 60
Dimension Shifter1 Vehicle (air) 90
Bolter 4000 Laser Gun Vehicle (air) 40
Lancer 7000 Laser Gun Vehicle (air) 60
Rendor Plasma Gun Vehicle (air) 30
Lineage Plasma Cannon Vehicle (air) 60
Plasma Multi-System Vehicle (air) 40
Light Disruptor Beam Vehicle (air) 60
Medium Disruptor Beam Vehicle (air) 110
Heavy Disruptor Beam Vehicle (air) 160
40mm Auto Cannon Vehicle (air) 30
Multi-Cannon Round (ammo) Vehicle (air) 1
Janitor Missile Array Vehicle (air) 50
Janitor Missile Vehicle (air) 5
Justice Missile Launcher Vehicle (air) 80
Justice Missile Vehicle (air) 5
Prophet Missile Array Vehicle (air) 80
Prophet Missile Vehicle (air) 6
Retribution Missile Launcher Vehicle (air) 60
Retribution Missile Vehicle (air) 6
Disruptor Bomb Launcher Vehicle (air) 80
Disruptor Bomb Vehicle (air) ?
Stasis Bomb Launcher Vehicle (air) 80
Stasis Bomb Vehicle (air) ?
Disruptor Multi-Bomb Launcher Vehicle (air) 80
Disruptor Multi-Bomb Vehicle (air) ?
Laser Defense Array Vehicle (air) 40
Plasma Defense Array Vehicle (air) 40
SD Standard Vehicle (air) 20
SD Deluxe Vehicle (air) 20
SD Sports Vehicle (air) 40
SD Turbo Vehicle (air) 50
SD Elite Vehicle (air) 120
SD Special Vehicle (air) 160
40mm Auto Cannon Turret Vehicle (ground) 40
Repeater 40mm Auto Cannon Round Vehicle (ground) 1
Airguard Anti-Air Cannon Vehicle (ground) 40
Airguard 52mm Cannon Round Vehicle (ground) 1
GLM Array Vehicle (ground) 40
Ground Launched Missile Vehicle (ground) 2
Plasma Turret Cannon Vehicle (ground) 160
GLM Air Defense Vehicle (ground) 160
Air Defense Missile Vehicle (ground) 2
Rumble Cannon Vehicle (ground) 160
Metro Roadhog Vehicle (ground) 20
Metro Roadgrav Vehicle (ground) 40
Metro Turbograv Vehicle (ground) 60
Metro Powergrav Vehicle (ground) 80
Metro Multipower Plus Vehicle (ground) 120
Elerium Vehicle 1
Fusion Powerfuel Vehicle 1

1 This item is NOT available in-game. It did not make the final cut for game release, and is only found when using a third-party editor to look into game files.

2 After researching this item, it will go into Alien Containment and use its storage capacity.

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