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Training in physical skills is essential for X-Com Agents. Without a fully equipped training area, Agents residing at the base would waste a lot of time when they could be improving their weapons skills, reactions and stamina. Agents assigned to combat training will automatically use any training facilities at a base, but if the capacity of Training Areas is exceeded then training will not take place at 100% efficiency.  From: Apocalypse Ufopaedia
Training Area

Training Area

  • Layout Size: 1 x 1
  • Build Time: 5 days
  • Cost: $8,000
  • Maintenance: $500
  • Training Capacity: 10
Training Area, Base View, Level 3

A Training Area is used by agents to increase their Accuracy, Reactions, Stamina, and Strength. As a result of these increases, Health and Speed also increase.

A unit using the Training Area cannot use the Psi-Gym facility. An injured agent cannot use the Training Area until recovery is complete.

Androids cannot use the Training Area.

Note: Strength will not increase from battlescape combat. It can only be increase with training.

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