Tactics (Apocalypse)

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This section provides a section to collect player discussions and articles on various plans, strategies, procedures, etc. that you can do in this game to gain an advantage over the enemy. For example: tips and strategies on how to attack various maps with fixed layouts or the various ways you can run or manage raiding other organizations.


Raiding is an art in X-COM Apocalypse that allows players to bolster their cause with extra funds, equipment, experience and even manipulate public relations through brute force, deviousness or even non-violent combat.

Stun Raid
A form of raiding that can be used to exploit the good nature of non-hostile organizations to steal equipment and gain some combat experience without adversely affecting relations. Commonly performed with non-violent tools such as Stun Grapples, Stun Grenades and even Mind Benders.


There is paper book guide about Apoc: X-COM Apocalypse: The Official Strategy Guide (Secrets of the Games Series) by Dave Ellis