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Training Roulette is a Second Wave Option introduced in the Enemy Within Expansion.

Training Roulette randomizes all class abilities sets. You may have Heavies with Lightning Reflexes and Opportunist. Does not affect base class abilities, nor abilities that require specific weapons (ex. Shredder Rocket). Is not confined to ranks, so a Corporal could get Low Profile or Sentinel.

  • Does not affect Psi or MEC abilities.
  • Entire Ability tree appears to be chosen when the unit is assigned a class. Eg: Savescumming at the end of a mission, and a Rookie gains a level, or a leveled solider is given as a Abduction/Council reward (Zhang, Annete, or non-plotline), or New Guy is in effect and new soldiers are hired, will give new ability choices. Later savescum/leveling will not provide new choices.

New Players should play the game through without this first so that you have the chance to get to know the abilities


While some levels give you 2 abilities that you would never use, or more annoying two of your most used abilities on the same level.

Possible Combinations
Class Ability 1 Ability 2 Ability 3 Ability 4 Image Notes Weapon
Any Opportunist Sentinel - - Training Roulette Opportunist-Sentinal.png - Heavy or Sniper Weapons
Sniper Opportunist Sentinel Squad Sight Covering Fire - - Sniper Rifles
Assault Resilience Lightning Reflexes Run and Gun HEAT Ammo - Useful against Sectopods Shotguns