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About Me

My real name is Tom and I am currently writing a small story that involves the aliens that live on Mars returning to make a second attempt at taking over the Earth.

The book

The book revolves around three simultaneous alien invasions, the most brutal of which is committed by our friendly friends who live on Mars, an are now named after the area of their originally base, Cydonia. Cydonia used to be the crown jewel of Mars when the Snakemen Snakeman.png were in control of the planet before they were exterminated for the failure of the first alien invasion in 1999

Click here to go to my Fanfiction account X-COM in 2010 has the three main X-COM related chapters, one about Pink, Floating Fairies, another about the Sectoids and the final one that is about the Uber Ethereal's inner most thoughts after a string of recent losses to the main characters. (None of these apply to the main book as of the most recent draft)

You can also find me on Bulbapedia, Wikipedia or the Super Smash Wiki


3330 Gamescore.png
126 out of 126
My Achievements
Enemy Unknown
1100 Gamescore.png
55 out of 55
Our Finest Hour (EU2012).jpgWet Work (EU2012).jpgA Continental Fellow (EU2012).jpgNo Looking Back (EU2012).jpgEarth First (EU2012).jpgRising Dragon (EU2012).jpgEdison (EU2012).jpgXavier (EU2012).jpgHunter Killer (EU2012).jpgThe Bigger They Are (EU2012).jpgAll Aboard (EU2012).jpgBait the Hook (EU2012).jpgNew Friend (EU2012).jpgAint No Cavalry Comin (EU2012).jpgAngel of Death (EU2012).jpgShooting Stars (EU2012).jpgMeet New People Then Kill Them (EU2012).jpgLone Wolf (EU2012).jpg

Bubonic (EU2012).jpgSkunkworks (EU2012).jpgYou Have 5 Seconds to Comply (EU2012).jpgHumanitys Savior (EU2012).jpgPale Horse (EU2012).jpgThe Volunteer (EU2012).jpgMan No More (EU2012).jpgTheory (EU2012).jpgOn the Shoulders of Giants (EU2012).jpgAll Employees Must Wash Hands (EU2012).jpgAnd Hells Coming With Me (EU2012).jpgSee All Know All (EU2012).jpgBeyond the Veil (EU2012).jpgOne Gun at a Time (EU2012).jpgRide the Lightning (EU2012).jpgFlight of the valkyries (EU2012).jpgOppenheimer (EU2012).jpgOff My Planet (EU2012).jpg

Drums in the Deep (EU2012).jpgWorth Every Penny (EU2012).jpgBada Boom (EU2012).jpgWelcoming Committee (EU2012).jpgAnd Practice (EU2012).jpgAll Together Now (EU2012).jpgThe Hardest Road (EU2012).jpgHappy to Oblige (EU2012).jpgAs A Scalpel (EU2012).jpgX Marks the Spot (EU2012).jpgThe Gatekeeper (EU2012).jpgPrisoner of War (EU2012).jpgUp and Running (EU2012).jpgTables Turned (EU2012).jpgEye in the Sky (EU2012).jpgCombat Ready (EU2012).jpgWhat Wonders Await (EU2012).jpgWe Happy Few (EU2012).jpg

And So It Begins (EU2012).jpg

Enemy Within
1000 Gamescore.png
30 out of 30
An Army Of Four (EU2012).jpgGuardian of Earth (EU2012).jpgMental Minefield (EU2012).jpgAnger Management (EU2012).jpgMutatis Mutandis (EU2012).jpgSteel Martyr (EU2012).jpgEnemy Within (EU2012).jpgRise of the Machines (EU2012).jpgBy Our Powers Combined (EU2012).jpgThe Meld Squad (EU2012).jpgApotheosis Denied (EU2012).jpgPain in the Neck (EU2012).jpgWhere in The World (EU2012).jpgGreat Minds Think Alike (EU2012).jpgSomeone Your Own Size (EU2012).jpgSolid Prospect (EU2012).jpgRegenerate This (EU2012).jpgTingling Sensation (EU2012).jpg

G’day (EU2012).jpgThey Shall Not Pass (EU2012).jpgAll Hands on Deck (EU2012).jpgShieldbuster (EU2012).jpgElite Defense (EU2012).jpgRemington (EU2012).jpgNice Cover (EU2012).jpgMind the Step (EU2012).jpgZom-B-Gone (EU2012).jpgTaking A Load Off (EU2012).jpgA Little Bit Alien (EU2012).jpgWho Needs Limbs (EU2012).jpg

The Bureau: XCOM Declassified
1230 Gamescore.png
41 out of 41
Vigilo Confido (Bureau).jpgEnemy Within (Bureau).jpgThey Wont Know What Hit Them (Bureau).jpgSpring Cleaning (Bureau).jpgLet the Boys Have Their Fun (Bureau).jpgWelcome to Earth (Bureau).jpgConscientious Objector (Bureau).jpgIts In The Air (Bureau).jpgNo One Left Behind (Bureau).jpgOnly a Man (Bureau).jpgDrive Through (Bureau).jpgKnow Your Groceries (Bureau).jpgMind Blown (Bureau).jpgConduit Connection (Bureau).jpgThe Last Suit You'll Ever Wear (Bureau).jpgWe Will Fight Like Lions!.jpgSight Beyond Sight (Bureau).jpgThe Fat Lady Has Sung (Bureau).jpg

Ready for Anything (Bureau).jpgExorcised the Demon (Bureau).jpg... And the Body Dies (Bureau).jpgClever Girl (Bureau).jpgDon't Run. You'll Just Die Tired (Bureau).jpgCan't Be Everywhere at Once (Bureau).jpgTop. Men. (Bureau).jpgSee the World They Said... (Bureau).jpgA Story of Axis and Allies (Bureau).jpgBursting the Bubble (Bureau).jpgWhat Are You Without Your Armor (Bureau).jpgA Dish Best Served Cold (Bureau).jpgI've Seen Better, But not Many (Bureau).jpgThe Devil's Tower (Bureau).jpgLeader of Man (Bureau).jpgGlad My Trust Wasn't Misplaced (Bureau).jpgAlways Team (Bureau).jpgNot Playing Favorites (Bureau).jpg

So Just Let Me Introduce Myself.jpgIs He Old Enough to Drive (Bureau).jpgBringing Down Goliath (Bureau).jpgDead Head (Bureau).jpgAll That Remains.jpg

Pages made by me include:

Type Page Name Description Image Notes Date Created
Base Farming Base Farming involves finding an Alien Base and then constructing a base on top of it. Once you have it set up with a radar, stores, men and a Skyranger, you may begin farming off the base's supply drop offs. Between 150 to 900 Elerium is worth the -150 points you'll get at the end of the month. And the best part is if you get bored of it then you just attack the base and then dismantle yours so it can be built over another one, and you may have up to seven of these if you do not have Research/Manufacturing/intercept/Radar bases. Floater.png Now Combined with Zarn's Supply Ship Smash and Grab Page 19th June 2012
Achievements Achievements (EU2012) Achievements for XCOM: Enemy Unknown Gamescore.png - 30th October 2012
Achievements (Bureau) Achievements for The Bureau: XCOM Declassified - 17th August 2013
After Action Report (EU2012) The After Action Report from XCOM: Enemy Unknown that shows the acquired items, mission results and soldier stats. AAR 1 (EU2012).png - 14th August 2013
Alien Terror Mission (EU2012) Terror Mission Page BAR TERROR (EU2012).png - 14th August 2013
Interrogations Interrogate Floater (EU2012) The results of interrogating a Floater in Enemy Unknown Floater 2 (EU2012).png - 14th August 2013
Interrogate Sectoid (EU2012) The results of interrogating a Sectoid in Enemy Unknown Sectoid 2 (EU2012).png - 14th August 2013