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LOC.DAT has a row width of 20 bytes. There are a total of 50 records (not all of them necessarily used) for a fixed file size of 1,000 bytes. Most of this info is from NKF (thanks a lot) and some was ripped from Hatfarm / Chris Voss's great pages.


0 0x00 Object type:
   00 - Unused Entry
   01 - Alien Ship (moving or crashed) [CE: moving or landed]
   02 - X-COM Ship
   03 - X-COM Base
   04 - Alien Base
   05 - Crash Site
   06 - Landed UFO   unused
   07 - Waypoint
   08 - Terror Site  unused in TFTD, see below:
   Extras for TFTD only:
   0x51 - Port Attack
   0x52 - Island Attack
   0x53 - Passenger/Cargo Ship
   0x54 - Artefact Site
1 0x01 Object table reference - Possible values - 00 to FF - Just a reference. This just shows how many there are of this type on the geoscape. If the object is either a UFO (Alien Ship for TFTD) or X-COM craft, then this is the index into CRAFT.DAT. If the object is an X-Com base, then this is the index into BASE.DAT and if it is an Alien Base this byte contains the race:
    UFO           TFTD
0 = Sectoid            Aquatoid
1 = Snakeman           Gillman
2 = Ethereal           Lobsterman
3 = Muton              Tasoth
4 = Floater            Mixed Crew (Type I)
5 = Final mission mix  Mixed Crew (Type II)
2-3 0x02-0x03 Horizontal coordinates or longitude (low bit then high bit respectively). 0 - 2880
4-5 0x04-0x05 Vertical coordinates or latitude (low bit then high bit respectively). -720 - 720
6-7 0x06-0x07 For crash site or terror site - countdown timer (in hours). For moving objects - how many game ticks (5s) have to pass until craft moved to next globe coordinate (cell_size div speed).
NOTE: Ground UFOs are treated as moving objects, except for speed = 0.
8-9 0x08-0x09 Fractional part of how much is left to the next globe coordinate (cell_size mod speed), used only for moving objects.
10-11 0x0A-0x0B Count suffix of the item, eg: Skyranger-1 or Crash Site-47. It appears to have no meaning for XCOM Bases, but for other types where it is set, 0B is the high byte for when you go over 255 UFO's or crafts, etc.
12-13 0x0C-0x0D [UNUSED]
14 0x0E Craft transfer mode:
0 = Not transferred
1 = In transfer
2 = Selected to transfer (temporary value)
15 0x0F [UNUSED]
16-19 0x10-0x13 Globe object visiblity/mobility bitfield:
0 (value 1) Hidden object flag (unrevealed alien bases, xcom crafts at base, 
            undetected UFOs)
1 (value 2) Moving object flag (UFOs, flying XCOM crafts except for when 
2 (value 4) Targeted UFO flag (set to 1 when alien craft targeted).
            Used for UFO decode menu popup when UFO craft reappears.

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