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Beyond the Call Of Duty?


An elevation of Rank is granted to units at the end of a battlescape mission for those who perform well in battle and only if certain employee requirements are met.
Technical personel (Professionals) are granted a initial rank of Rookie and will not change. These rookies are included in the totals calculation as listed in the chart:

Military RankRequirements
Commander XCom3 rank6 Commander.GIF The final and best military rank
Colonel XCom3 rank5 Colonel.GIF 1xColonel per 2xCaptains
Captain XCom3 rank4 Captain.GIF 1xCaptain per 3xSergeants
Sergeant XCom3 rank3 Sergeant.GIF 1xSergeant per 4xSquad Leaders
Squad Leader XCom3 rank7 Squadleader.GIF 1xSquad Leader for every 5x employees
Squaddie XCom3 rank2 Squaddie.GIF Promotion to Squaddie from experience in battle
Rookie XCom3 rank1 Rookie.GIF Initial rank for all employees

Agent Medals

Victory Points are awarded automatically for each action. Promotions are granted at the end of the mission when suitable for a medal.

Medals are then displayed according to accumulated Victory Points
Medal1.png - First medal 200 or more
Medal2.png - Second medal 400 or more
Medal3.png - Third medal 700 or more
Medal4.png - Fourth medal 1000 or more
Medal5.png - Fifth medal 1500 or more


Awarding a medal to an agent depends on their acquired score, which is generally unknown to the player. Score is increased by active combat, wounding, and killing of hostiles. An enemy killed will add differing amounts to the total at the end of the mission, depending on the type.
Victory points awarded for killing:

Entity Victory Points
Buiding Defence 10
Brainsucker 4
Anthropod 10
Spitter 8
Multiworm 8
Hyperworm 5
Popper 8
Multiworm Egg 4
Chrysalis 3
Skeletoid 14
Micronoid Aggregate 15
Psimorph 30
Megaspawn 30
Queenspawn 50

The Medals

Agent medallions are displayed in the stat screen within the inventory-equip-screen. An agent will acquire Victory Points by:

Action Victory Points
Each Day 1
Each Mission 10
Each Health Lost‡ 1
Each Kill 1

‡ eg: lose 17 hitpoints = 17 victorypoints

The Overall Situation

Progression towards a medallion is linear. There is no reward for exempilary service or heroics. An agent can stay at base and never partake in any mission, yet may become fully awarded after slightly more than four years gametime.
Score totals displayed at the de-brief screen, eg: Tactical Mission Score is directly attributed to the total Victory Points acquired by agent kills at the end of any battlescape mission, and contributes to X-Com's overall performance at the end of the week.

Medal-veteran.png All medals!