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==Overview of Alien Structures & Missions==
==Overview of Alien Structures & Missions==
* [[Dimension Gates]]
* [[Dimension Gates]]
* [[Incubator Chamber]]
* [[Sleeping Chamber]] (Alien Building 1)
* [[Spawning Chamber]]
* [[Food Chamber]] (Alien Building 2)
* [[Food Chamber]]
* [[Alien Farm]] (Alien Building 3)
* [[Megapod Chamber]]
* [[Maintenance Factory]] (Alien Building 4)
* [[Sleeping Chamber]]
* [[Incubator Chamber]] (Alien Building 5)
* [[Organic Factory]]
* [[Control Chamber]] (Alien Building 6)
* [[Alien Farm]]
* [[Spawning Chamber]] (Alien Building 7)
* [[Control Chamber]]
* [[Organic Factory]] (Alien Building 8)
* [[Maintenance Factory]]
* [[Megapod Chamber]] (Alien Building 9)
* [[Dimension Gate Generator]]
* [[Dimension Gate Generator]] (Alien Building 10)
==See Also==
==See Also==

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The Alien Dimension consists of a bleak,hostile environment with an organic city. This city
undoubtedly constructs Alien craft and nurtures the Alien brood. The structure of the buildings
is immensely strong, but there appears to be weak point which will allow our Agents and vehicles
to gain access to the building south of the dimension gates. If we can research this building
further then we will have the necessary information to send in our squads to destroy it. We 
should then be able to gain access to the next building via the organic tubing that joins the
Alien city together like a giant umbilical cord.


In order to win the Mega-Primus War it will be necessary to fight the aliens at their own home. First X-COM will have to perform the necessary research in order to build craft capable of operating through the Dimensional Gates. Then it will be necessary to engage and survive the fleets of UFOs on the alien dimension in order for ground strike teams to destroy the alien buildings. The first trip to the Alien Dimension will unlock it as a research topic and after X-COM scientists complete that next step of research it will be possible to research the first building and proceed to the first tactical mission on the dimension.

Overview of Alien Structures & Missions

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