Alien Surgery (EU2012)

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Grey Market Description
Alien Surgery (EU2012).png

This item has no research benefit, and can be sold freely. Although rudimentary in appearance, this device must play some role in the alien's unconscionable experiments on the human captives housed here.

Source: XCOM: Enemy Unknown (2012)


  • Upon first seeing this item on the Abductor UFO, Dr. Shen will state: "I've seen enough. I don't think there's any question now... The goal of this alien research is to the detriment... of all mankind."
  • Upon seeing this item on the Alien Base, Dr. Shen will ask: "What's in God's name are we looking at?". Dr. Vahlen will reply: "I didn't want to believe it... but it's clear the aliens have been experimenting on the abductees... what could they be hoping to accomplish through this?"