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Diving Suit - Armored diving gear allowing X-COM agents to perform underwater operations at any depth.

Plastic Aqua Armor - New diving gear incorporating Aqua Plastics for greater defensive abilities.

Ion Armor - Heavy plates with Zrbite-powered muscle assist and air-filtering system.

Magnetic Ion Armor - Ion Armor with Magnetic Navigation system.

Armor Quick Comparison

Diving Suit128852
Plastic Aqua Armor*6035353025
Ion Armor**132707010055
Magnetic Ion Armor**142808011065

* Grants 10% resistance to Armor Piercing, and 20% resistance to Gauss and Fire/Phosphor damage.
** Protects the wearer against all Fire/Phosphor damage, and grants 30% resistance to Gauss damage, 20% resistance to Armor Piercing and High Explosive damage, and 10% resistance to Sonic damage.

Portable Equipment


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