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Purchase Times

Item Time (Hours) Time (Days)
All Personnel723
Craft Weapons482
Craft Missiles482
Cannon Rounds (×50)964
HWP Ammo482
All Weapons241
All Ammunition241
All Equipment241

Non-Manufacturable Prices

Item Cost ($) Sale Price ($) Wage/Rental ($/month)
Stingray Launcher16,00012,000
Avalanche Launcher17,00012,750
Stingray Missiles3,0002,400
Avalanche Missiles9,0007,200
Cannon Rounds (×50)1,2401,012
HWP Cannon Shells200100
Tank/Rocket Launcher480,000360,000
HWP Rockets3,0002,250
Pistol Clip7052
Rifle Clip200150
Heavy Cannon6,4004,800
HC-AP Ammo300225
HC-HE Ammo500275
HC-I Ammo400300
AC-AP Ammo500400
AC-HE Ammo700560
AC-I Ammo650520
Rocket Launcher4,0003,000
Small Rocket600480
Large Rocket900720
Incendiary Rocket1,200960
Smoke Grenade150120
Proximity Grenade500400
High Explosive1,5001,200
Stun Rod1,260945

Manufacturable Prices

These are the build prices "straight up", as shown in the manufacturing screen. For a more in-depth look at manufacturing, including labor costs, exotic components, etc., see Manufacturing Profitability.

Item Cost ($) Sale Price ($) Hours Workspace Alloys Elerium Power Navigation
Fusion Ball Launcher242,000281,10040061
Laser Cannon182,000211,0003006
Plasma Beam226,000267,300500815
Fusion Ball28,00053,30060064
Tank/Laser Cannon500,000594,0001,20025
HWP Fusion Bomb15,00031,5004002585
Laser Pistol8,00020,0003002
Laser Rifle20,00036,9004003
Heavy Laser32,00061,0007004
Motion Scanner34,00045,6002204
Heavy Plasma122,000171,6001,00041
Heavy Plasma Clip6,0009,5908043
Plasma Rifle88,000126,50082041
Plasma Rifle Clip3,0006,2908042
Plasma Pistol56,00084,00060031
Plasma Pistol Clip2,0004,4406041
Blaster Launcher90,000144,0001,20051
Blaster Bomb8,00017,02822033
Small Launcher78,000120,00090031
Stun Bomb7,00015,20020021
Alien Grenade6,70014,85020022
Mind Probe262,000304,0001,20041
Personal Armor22,00054,000800124
Power Suit42,00085,0001,0001655
Flying Suit58,000115,0001,40016516
Alien Alloys3,0006,50010010
UFO Power Source130,000250,0001,40022516
UFO Navigation150,00080,0001,600183

UFO Recoverable Prices

Item Sale Price ($)
Alien Corpses20,000
Alien Food5,000
Alien Entertainment20,000
Alien Surgery38,000
Examination Room9,000
UFO Construction**20,000
Alien Reproduction**40,000
Alien Habitat**100

* Elerium-115 is the only useful item in the game that can never be bought or manufactured (only recovered from UFO and Alien Base assaults), so it is recommended that you never sell it.
** These items cannot be recovered from a UFO. They are game "artifacts" which can only be added to your inventory via an editor.


  • All items and personnel take anywhere from 6 to 16 hours to transfer between bases, dependent entirely on distance. The minimum is 6 hours, even if your bases are right on top of each other. For details, see the Talk page. (Volutar's work needs to be copied here.)
  • Transfer fees depend on item type and distance, and use a term taken from the transfer-time equation. (Volutar's work needs to be copied here.)
  • The transfer queue (TRANSFER.DAT) can only handle 100 line items at a time. "Line items" means that, e.g., a single transfer of 50 Alloys only counts as one line item. (Each row you see in the Base Info's Transfers tab is one line.)
  • If you transfer a Transport, all the weapons, soldiers, and equipment assigned to it also transfer. It's a quick way to transfer an entire fighting force, but everything will be in limbo (the transfer queue) and can't do anything until they arrive.
    • The craft and each soldier will enter the Transfer queue. If this causes there to be more than 100 items in the queue, excess soldiers will be left behind.
    • Equipment assigned to a craft is actually stored with the craft (not in base stores). So it does get transferred, but doesn't show up in (or clog) the queue. (Nor will it show up at either base, while on the craft.) Don't forget to separately transfer any extra ammo or backup items your force needs.
  • Transferring an existing craft to a base is much quicker (6-16 hours) than ordering a new craft for that base (72 or 96 hours, plus arming/fueling time). If craft are urgently needed in an area, transfer craft from other base(s) in quieter areas, and (if required), order new craft for the quieter base(s). Transferred craft arrive ready for a mission. Again this is faster than newly bought craft which must go through the full arming/fueling/etc. cycle.
  • Transferring anything that is alive (soldiers, scientists, engineers and captured aliens) is FREE!
    • Note that when transferring captured aliens, you need to have room in the target base's containment. One thing that is not terribly obvious is that these aliens in transit use up living quarter space at the target base until they arrive and are thrown into the freezer.


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