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(h x w)
1 x 1 Chemflare.gif
Weight 3
D. Threshold 20
Sale Price $40
Action TU
Throw 25%
Purchase Price $60

This compact device produces a bright flare of light at any depth or on dry land. This illuminates enemy units in the vicinity of the flare during deep sea or night missions.

The Chemical Flare is a package of chemicals that, when combined, create a long-lasting powerful glow that illuminates the battlefield, revealing friend and foe alike. Left on its own, a Chemical Flare will glow for many hours. While the chemicals are slowly expended during use, the cost of the chemicals is low enough that any X-Com base can 'top off' flares coming back from the battlefield.

Mirroring the Electro-flare of the First Alien War in use and function, the Chemical Flare makes one noticeable improvement upon the Electro-flare. Namely, it is far more durable. Lacking any delicate electronics and covered in a thick plastic shell, the Chemical Flare can survive almost any hit from a Magna-Blast Grenade, except at ground zero.

This item appears in Terror from the Deep. For the UFO: Enemy Unknown equivalent, refer to the Electro-flare.


  • Size: 1 high x 1 wide
  • Weight: 3
  • TUs: 25% to throw.
  • Cost: $60
  • Sell Price: $40

Hints And Tips

  • Incendiary munitions and flares should be brought along on any Night Missions or Alien Colony Assault. Incendiary ammo provides a compact but limited light source that can be deployed offensively and anywhere in the field as long as there's a clear path. Especially effective in wilderness missions. The chemical flares provide long lasting redeployable, recoverable and non-lethal lighting solutions. This makes them ideal for urban missions or in situations where fire would only hinder your progress.
  • Remember: chemical-flares can be recovered. While it would be ideal to give everyone a flare, or two, it is not practical and is a waste of equipment space on the troop transport. Be smart. Recover the flares as soon as you are able to win more ground. One other good strategy is to use a leap frogging system. When approaching a flare that you wish to recover, deploy another flare further ahead so that any aliens shrouded in the darkness are not hidden from view. Then move in, recover the flare, then repeat the process.
  • If you cannot decide which to bring, consider this: throwing flares increases throwing accuracy, shooting off IN rounds from an Gas Cannon doesn't increase firing accuracy unless you hit an alien directly.

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