Hangar 6: R&D DLC (Bureau)

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US Price $4.99
UK Price £3.39
1.07 GB

Hangar6: R&D is a DLC for the The Bureau: XCOM Declassified. [1]. It is a $4.99 download on the Xbox 360 and £3.39 in the UK and was released on the 8th of November 2013.

It also comes with seven new Achievements, bringing the total up to 41.


Xbox Store Description

In the days leading up to the events of The Bureau: XCOM Declassified, Agent Nico DaSilva volunteers for a series of dangerous secret experiments to identify and treat a terrifying new pathogen. Maximize your combat skills and push your team to its limits to protect a friend from his own hallucinated terrors.

Source: Xbox Store


DaSilva and Dr. Heinrich walk through the base talking about DaSilva's resent Missions and the infection that has been plaguing some areas.

He is then asked to Psychically connect to Agent Donovan who had become infected, for which he agrees.

As you progress, all Packs and most new weapons will be first picked up (thus, unlocked) in the Control Room. This tech will be listed at the top of each mission section, so pick them up before choosing your agents & equipment and heading down. Exceptions will be noted within the mission descriptions. The missions and the battle area are much smaller than in the main game: combat will often be in close-quarters, and you will not level by aliens killed but by storyline progression. Keep this in mind with your equipment and ability choices. Compass directions assume the side you come in from (elevator) is south.

Test 1

Tech: Endurance Pack

The first trial begins with DaSilva battling the Infection's Defense which takes the form of Sectoids, Outsider grunts, a Muton and other Outsider aliens. The area appears to be that of a forest campground, with four different Computer Panels, one in the middle in a mini-cabin and fences, then to the north (a trailer home), west (benches, tables, & a fireplace), and east (two trailers).

Hit the central panel, and the first wave will come from the north: Sectoids and a Rocket Sniper.

Hit the north panel: you'll now face south, and Sectoids and Grunts will appear from the mini-cabin: you can take out most with your detonation pack. Kill enough, and a second wave will come from the west (to your right, if facing south), with an Elite and a Phantom.

Hit the west panel. Sectoids and grunts from the cabin, and a few more from the far-east, who may not push forward. Head to the center area anyways before killing the last one. Second wave includes a Shield Commander.

Approach the east panel-- and a Muton will come up out of the ground. You'll need room, so fall back and hit him from a range: lead it around the area to keep the cabin between you two, and you'll be safe while you reload ammo and abilities.

Test 2

Tech: Reaper Pack

The area is a corridor that resembles a suburban area. Benches to the left, a 1-story house to the right, and a two-story house with a balcony to the north, and a car in the center. There are dummies scattered around. Near the one highlighted at the start is an AK-47.

The Second Trial begins with DaSilva finding a dummy that represents Agent Donovan, after which he are attacked by Outsiders, with an Elite and two Tech Commanders.

Donovan's voice rings out through the area and DaSliva ia alerted to another dummy by a car in the middle of the area. After approaching said Dummy he is assaulted by more Outsiders coming from Drop Pods, with Minion Commanders, who may unleash Drones and Advanced Drones. It's very easy to get flanked here if you try to push forward over the ledge.

A third dummy (which looks like Slenderman...) is the located on the balcony of the nearby building, after which a Muton, two Drones, an Advanced Drone, a Tech Commander, and a Minion Commander come out of the garden below (near where the second Drop Pod appeared). If you get close, you may be able to catch both Commanders and the Muton in explosives.

Test 3

Tech: Blast Protection Pack

The third test begins with DaSilva and his squad walking through a college campus, with a gazebo in the south and a clock tower building in the north. The park-like area throughout has many winding paths, making it easy to flank and be flanked.

Sectoids and Outsiders (including two Psion Commanders) are idling just beyond the starting location. While at first DaSilva is talking to Dresner, after some static, Axis welcomes DaSilva to Mosaic before talking about helping with the pain he is in.

A Sectopod is dropped in once the first group have been dealt with along with drones: take them out so they can't heal the Sectopod. Phantoms will also come in from a Drop Pod in the northwest. As with the Muton, keeping your distance and using walls to block off line-of-sight with the Sectopod entirely will let you deal with it later.

Two Mutons then spawn when a Drop Pod lands near the clock tower building, and begin to attack DaSilva and Squad while Axis continues to try to convince DaSilva to join Mosaic. Some Sectoids and grunts will appear from the building itself.

Once DaSilva has dealt with the Mutons and accompanying Outsiders, Axis will begin talking about no more fear while a Minion Commander, his drones, and a Sectopod use a drop pod near the gazebo, shortly followed by Phantoms from a second pod a little north-west of them.

DaSilva orders the test ends so that he may be with Dresner in order to discuss Mosaic.

Test 4

Tech: Microwave Gun, Stabilization Assistance Pack

The arena is based on the suburban area from Test 2, with a few changes in smaller structures.

Using a Proxy, Dresner believes that they may be able to observe Mosaic's intentions without any of the defenses. Almost instantly after entering onto Donovan's Street, DaSilva and co. are attacked by Outsiders and an Outsider Elite. More Outsider Elites, a Tech Commander and a Gun Turret show up as the squad make their way down the street. You'll have a break you can load up with while a prompt to rescue a Proxy up on the balcony of the northen building appears.

Once the Proxy is activated DaSilva is instructed to bring the Proxy back to the lab, and so he and his squad begin to fight their way back up the street towards where they started, fighting a Muton, Sectoids, Phantoms, Elite Phantoms, Outsider Elites, and a Psion Commander as they attempt to get back to safety with the Proxy.

Mosaic warns DaSilva against Interfering and Dresner theorizes that they could disconnect Mosaic from all the Infected if they force enough energy towards him from Donovan.

Test 5

Tech: Armor Piercer Pack, Shield Disruptor Pack

The hangar is staged to look like a missile silo (after DaSilva hallucinates a giant alien statue (from the main game's car dealership) transforming into one of the prop missiles), after which he is asked by Axis why he continues when he has no chance of winning. His initial welcoming party consists mostly of Sectoids popping out from said missile and Outsiders (and two Rocket Snipers on the north staircase) from the walkways above him. On the south end of the second floor, there are two elevators: a Minion Elite and Sectoids will appear from the east one, and grunts and a Muton from the west one, so you should make your way to the second floor when you can-- but be aware that grunts and Sectoids will appear from the second-floor doors in the north, as well.

DaSilva presses the first button on the second floor to release the energy backlash into Mosaic, and then must fight his way through the aliens in order to clear the area. Two Phantoms will attempt to flank from the second-floor door in the west while Elites, grunts and Sectoids continue to pour in from the north doors. When done, another break while prompted to send the second signal from a console on the ground floor.

Pressing the second button on the ground floor spawns grunts and a Minion Elite, Phantoms, and grunts. There is a brief lull after defeating them before two Minion Elites come out of the second floor northern doors, two grunts from the west door, then two last Minion Elites from the northern doors again. The mission ends, Mosaic admitting it has underestimated you.

Test 6

Tech: Range Enhancer Pack

DaSilva enters into a drive in theater where he is informed that he must start up the movie due to the signal needed to be sent towards Mosaic is hidden within the film. Entrance is from the side this time, so assume that the screen itself is on the north, with the concession stand and projector in the center of the area, and a bathroom building on the west side. You might want to take some time to scatter some explosive packs, and mines if you brought an engineer.

Once he has started the film, Outsiders will begin jumping out of the screen in an attempt to defend the link, including a Muton in the northwest. Once that wave is clear, two more Mutons (one of them an Elite) and some Sectoids and drones will spawn near the concession stand. Hit the drones first so they can't heal the Mutons. As before, retreating to draw them into explosives and getting out of sight is key to survival.

You will now receive the whole set of the Laser weapons.

Hangar Invasion

Tech: Tactical Focus Pack, Pulse Laser Rifle

The test begins with DaSilva returning into the drive in theater where he is met by a popcorn dancing video and Muton Elite crashing through the screen, as well as multiple drop pods. Meanwhile Dresner attempts to tell DaSilva that they are real and that it is not a test. The mission starts with the Elite fairly close to you, so get out of there, fast! A Recon's bombardment can take out a drop pod and ding the Muton, followed by a decoy to distract all the aliens surrounding you, perhaps placed near the other drop pod, since all aliens currently on the field have melee attacks. Toss a few grenades at the other drop pod, especially if the decoy has lured the Muton to it. Eventually, another drop pod will land not far from your starting point: use a few more grenades to take it out (and maybe the Elites that come with it). If it feels like you should take cover under the screen, grab the Sticky Grenades that are along the floor along the way (or whenever you get the opportunity to take them).

After all the initial enemies are dealt with, A Sectopod drops in with a squad of Sectoids from the southeast of the concession stand. Putting your new Sticky Grenades right on the canopy will take it right off along with a good chunk of it's health.

Dresner reports that they need to evacuate now. You now get of the Plasma set: Heavy Pistol, Sniper Rifle, Assault Cannon, Rotary Cannon.

Hangar Defense

Tech: Quick Charge Pack, Heavy Plasma Pistol

The area is somewhat like the Silo, but vastly different format: a corridor that you must work your way through and get to the opposite side.

Nico and his squad agree to stay behind and defend the hangar while everyone else is evacuated. Nico and his squad sneak up and attack a bunch of Outsiders before more teleport in using the drop pod: a Muton is with them, along with a Minion Elite and some separately-spawned drones. After they are all dead, head to a door leading to the Missile Control Area and more Outsiders, mostly Elites, this time aware of his presence. A drop pod with a Minion Elite and others will land on the second floor, so don't go down yet

The next switch is on the lower level next to the Blaster Launcher (don't forget to grab it to unlock it), and after Nico has pressed it, even more Outsiders swarm into the room from the large hangar doors way down the way. Once the remaining aliens are defeated, the events of Groom Range are revealed by Dresner to Nico.

After speaking the Dresner and getting an update on Groom Range and a New Recruit, Nico heads back into the hangar to finish off the remaining hostiles and ensure escape to Base.

After exiting the lift, DaSilva walks towards the entrance of a shooting range to hold of the remaining invaders, giving Dresner and the others enough time to evacuate. After dealing with all the drop pods that drop around him DaSilva moves up the hangar before being met by a Sectopod wielding a Blaster launcher, with another dropping moments later. Once all the Outsiders are killed as well as the two Sectopods, another two will drop supplemented by a couple of drones.


Tech: Guardian Pack

The arena is the 'campus' set, with some alterations.

Nico enters from the clock tower facade this time: two grunts are right in front. Take them out, and a drop pod lands in the center path, with several high-ranking Zudjari, including a Minion Elite. Take them and the pod out, and another similar pod will land closer to the gazebo. Then two pods will rapidly drop near the clock tower, both similarly mixed. Then a pod spawning a Heavy Sectopod and a Drone with fall both to the left of the Gazebo and near the two clocktower Drop Pods. When you beat one of them, a third will land to the right of the Gazebo.

Final Test

Tech: Gunner Pack, Lightning Cannon

The area is the camp ground, like in the first test, but heavily damaged, and shipping containers instead of trailers on the north and east.

Nico and Dresner discuss a plan to disconnect all the infected from Mosaic, warning each other that it is a bad idea. Head straight towards the middle of the hangar where a switch lies in a small hut. Lay any explosive packs you wish, mines if you decided on an engineer, ect. Then press the button in the mini-cabin.

First is a drop pod in the North section, Sectoids, grunts, and Elite Snipers. Next Drop Pod is on the west (picnic tables), with a Minion Elite. Next is from the south, with Phantoms and a Tech Commander-- before you finish, the East pod may drop, so watch out. When they are nearly all dead, a Muton will spawn in the south, and finally, the Elite Muton in the northeast.

Nico and Dresner then escape to The Bureau's Base.


  • The Hangar Defense part of the campaign happens concurrently with the first level of the main campaign.
  • The No One Left Behind Achievement for having no agents bleed out and die can be achieved in this campaign.


Image Name Description Xbox Gamerscore PS3 Trophy Notes
Mind Blown (Bureau).jpg

Mind Blown

Destroy 60 enemies with DaSilva's Demo Charges within a single Hangar 6 R&D campaign 40 Silver
Conscientious Objector (Bureau).jpg

Conscientious Objector

Beat Hangar 6 R&D without firing any alien weapons 40 Silver Only use conventional weapons (Sticky Grenades may or may not nerf this Achievement), Sectopods and Mutons are now a lot tougher. Microwave Gun allowed. Can be done on the easiest difficulty.
Know Your Groceries (Bureau).jpg

Know Your Groceries

Take a level 5 agent of every class into the field within a single Hangar 6 R&D campaign 30 Bronze Agents start at level 3 and it takes 2 missions for them to level up to 5.
Only a Man (Bureau).jpg

Only a Man

Complete DaSilva's perk tree without choosing Lift, Drone, or Mind Control 40 Silver Extremely Limited. You only have access to Nico's charges and heal
Conduit Connection (Bureau).jpg

Conduit Connection

Complete the first trial in Hangar 01 10 Bronze Storyline, unmissable
Drive Through (Bureau).jpg

Drive Through

Trigger the Invasion of Hangar 6 30 Bronze Storyline, unmissable
Its In The Air (Bureau).jpg

Its in the Air

Defeat the Hangar 6 R&D Invaders 40 Silver Storyline, unmissable