Injury and Fatigue (LWR)

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AP Loss

While fatigued soldiers may still be deployed on missions, they may suffer a loss of APs (Action Points) at the beginning of each their turns. Click on the following to view the effects: Fatigue and Exhaustion

Accumulating Fatigue

Soldiers become fatigued after each mission. The fatigue will dissipate if the soldiers have time to rest before going on another mission. Fatigue duration scales with the number of turns that passed during the mission. SHIVs are not affected by fatigue.

Base Fatigue

Base Fatigue Time: +12 hours of fatigue per turn on a mission

Base Fatigue Modifiers

Ability Base Fatigue Time
(Stacks Multiplicatively)
Long Mission Reduction -1% per turn (max -50%)
Soldier's Successful Missions
+16%|+8%|+4%|+2% per mission
Cybersuit Fatigue (MECs) +50%
Stay Frosty -10%
Sandhurst -20%
Aurora Armor/Vortex Armor -35%/-50%
Wolverine Blood
(Second Wave option)
Base Will higher than 30 -0.5% per Base Will
Base Will lower than 30 +0.5% per Base Will
(Easy -> Pain)
-20% -> +20%
Campaign Length

Fatigued Soldiers on Missions

Fatigued soldiers that go on missions will have their pre-mission fatigue increased by 20% before adding the new fatigue they gained from the mission. Note: Only the new fatigue is modified by Base Fatigue Modifiers.

Fatigued soldiers with over 60 days of fatigue (modified by campaign length) will have fatigue over 60 days converted into injury time.

Dealing with Fatigue

Ideally, you should have several teams of soldiers ready at any given point. This means that you can take most missions that the game will throw at you, which can sometimes be three in a row, especially with some abductions and if the Slingshot and Progeny DLCs are activated. Try to spread the experience around, and take advantage of easier missions to rank up low ranked soldiers. The last thing you want is for an important mission to come up and only have raw recruits ready to go.

Once you have researched Xenogenetics you can give your soldiers a Meld Injection.

SHIVs are excellent at minimizing fatigue spirals (all soldiers in the barracks with fatigue) as not only do they help bolster your roster but they also receive no fatigue, limiting the overall fatigue accumulation.


Any soldier that takes damage beyond their armor HP and into their base HP receives an injury. Even if this loss of HP is healed, the lowest point will count towards an injury.

Injuries will prevent a soldier from deploying in future battles until the injury is recovered from.

Accumulating Injuries

Base Injury

Base Injury time: 10 days + (Base HP% Lost x 60 days)

Example: a soldier with 5 base HP and 4 armor HP (9HP total) took 5 damage. This means he lost 1 base HP and all 4 armor HP. His base HP% lost would be 1 of his 5 base HP or 20%. His Base Injury time would then be: 10 + 20% * 80 days, or 26 days.

Base Injury Modifiers

Ability Base Injury Time
Mendability (MECs and SHIVs) -50%
Advanced Repair -35% (MECs and SHIVs only)
Advanced Surgery -35% (Biosoldiers only)
Advanced Bone Marrow -30%
Will to Survive -40%
Base HP
higher than 6/10 (soldier/MEC)
-4% per Base HP
Base HP
lower than 6/10 (soldier/MEC)
+4% per Base HP
Wolverine Blood
(Second Wave option)
(Easy -> Pain)
-20% -> +20%
Campaign Length

Dealing with Injuries

Like dealing with fatigue, you should have several teams of units ready at any given point. Injuries can be further reduced by mitigating damage you take. Sturdy units with Will to Survive, SHIVs, and MECs can all take more shots than most soldiers before dipping into their base HP and receiving an injury. Heavy armors and small armor items give more leeway for taking damage without becoming injured.

Injuries are reduced by simply letting time pass. Each in-game hour in the strategy game reduces injury time by an hour. Once all injuries are healed the unit's fatigue counter will begin (if they had any fatigue).

Once you have researched Xenogenetics you can give your units (including SHIVs) a Meld Injection.