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Aircraft use fuel. Aircraft use LOTS of fuel. Therefore, after each mission or sortie, X-COM aircraft must be refueled in their Hangars before being sent back out. Refueling is the second phase an interception craft will go through upon returning to base.

Conventional craft refuel 50 units of fuel per half hour, on the half-hour. Elerium-based craft refuel 5 fuel units (1 Elerium) per half hour, also on the half-hour.

Aircraft Fuel Capacity Type Full refuel (hours) Refuel per half-hour*
Skyranger 1500 Normal 15 3.33%
Interceptor 1000 Normal 10 5.00%
Firestorm 20 Elerium-115 2 25.00%
Lightning 30 Elerium-115 3 16.67%
Avenger 60 Elerium-115 6 8.33%

* Decimals are not displayed; instead, the craft will fuel in a sequence that accounts for the decimal. As a working example, the Skyranger fuels at 3%, 3%, 4%.

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