Sidewinder (LW2)

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The Sidewinder is a more mobile variant of the Viper, which will more often than not attempt to flank your soldiers. They are equipped with a shorter ranged weapon than regular Vipers.

Sidewinder Abilities
Ability Description Rank Needed
UIPerk viper getoverhere.jpg
Tongue Pull
Grab a target with your tongue and pull them to melee range. Only humanoid targets can be pulled.
UIPerk viper bind.jpg
Bind and Crush
Bind and crush an adjacent humanoid enemy. Allied units can fire upon the immobilized target.
UIPerk viper poisonspit.jpg
Poison Spit
Spit deadly poison at an area.
UIPerk shadowstep.png
This alien does not trigger overwatch or reaction fire.
LW AbilityHitandRun.png
Hit and Run
Once per turn, gain an additional move action after taking a standard shot at a flanked or exposed target with your primary weapon. Serpens (Mk2)
Sidewinder Potential Tactical Dark Events
Ability Effected Ranks Chance to Adopt While Active
Center Mass
Center Mass
All ranks 16%
All ranks 50%
Hard Target
Hard Target
All ranks 33%
All ranks 8%
Will to Survive
Will to Survive
All ranks 15%