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  • *Confers temporary stealth on all friendly units in blast radius *Stealth lasts until the start of the unit's next turn
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  • {{Unit Stat Box LW2 ...erk_beserker_punch.png |38px]]<br />'''Punch''' <br/> ''Strike an adjacent unit in melee.''
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  • {{Unit Stat Wrapper Open | title = Black Cat }} {{Unit Stat Wrapper Close}}
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  • ...cks. Panic and Mind Control. Panic, the easiest of the two attacks, saps a unit's morale, and puts it in a prime position to panic or go berserk. Panic att operate. However, targets for the amp must be sighted (by any friendly unit) before they can be attacked.
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  • | Total number of times this soldier was shot by a friendly soldier. Does not count if the soldier is KIA or MIA. ...r was deployed with other soldiers, and that this soldier did not kill any friendly soldiers.
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  • blobs with less movement. Sectoids produce smaller blobs then any other unit. ...s will reduce confusing "clutter" on the screen, caused by the movement of friendly units.
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  • When a unit's Morale drops below 50, there is a chance it will panic or go berserk. never go higher than 100 or lower than 0 -- but if it falls below 50, a unit may panic or go berserk which will cause it to rise by 15 points.
    12 KB (1,883 words) - 23:43, 4 February 2017
  • To knock any unit unconscious, its [[Stun]] damage (a gray bar superimposed on [[Health]]) ha ...Suit]]s, [[Power Suit]]s, robots (X-COM or alien) or any alien-controlled unit.
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  • ...elongs to Alien, X-Com, Civilian), and a flag that tells the game that the unit is currently under mind control (which is a binary flag and contains Yes/No When a unit is mind controlled, the ownership flag is automatically set to the mind con
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  • ...laced anywhere in the inventory of an Agent, it does not need to be in the unit's hand to function. To capture for study,one must stun the owner with gas, ...native source is to raid the COS with toxiguns and mindbenders. Or perform friendly raids using stun gas or Mindbenders.
    4 KB (584 words) - 05:12, 3 January 2015
  • * Can be used on any friendly unit adjacent to the medic, or on the medic itself. * Any unit that will benefit from a Medikit will be surrounded by a pink circle with c
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  • {{Unit Stat Wrapper Open | title = Bugeye}} {{Unit Stat Wrapper Close}}
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  • *Mind-controlled aliens are ''friendly'' aliens. Hits on MC'd aliens do ''not'' count. Conversely, hitting soldie All bonuses and penalties are applied to the unit's Accuracy to get the final Base Firing Accuracy.
    5 KB (712 words) - 09:14, 18 August 2015
  • {{Unit Stat Wrapper Open | title = Traitor Bugeye}} {{Unit Stat Wrapper Close}}
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  • [[Image:Fire_ground.gif|Ground Fire Animation]] [[Image:Fire_unit.gif|Unit Fire Animation]] ...een 0 and 10 points per hit -- but continue to do damage every turn that a unit is in fire or on fire. Due to the "[[Known_Bugs#Funky_Fire|funky fire]]" b
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  • you, no matter your agent's current actions. In contrast, it will make friendly fire casualties more prone to happen. * The game pauses at important moments (such as reporting that a unit is under fire, a new enemy has been spotted, and so on) so you can't easily
    3 KB (532 words) - 23:39, 7 June 2011
  • ...visited. In effect, areas of the map are coated in black until a friendly unit looks at it. From then on, the fog is lifted for the rest of mission, altho *[[Image:Apoc_neutralairborneicon.png]] Neutral unit
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  • ...on the map, and updates their current state regardless of whether an X-COM unit has a current line of site to the object. And the largest object on the til This is a double-edged sword, however, because should a unit fall dead or unconscious the grenade will hit the ground and promptly take
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  • ...original game it doesn't provide much protection against any type of fire, friendly or otherwise. But you can still implement the old "send the cheap rookie fi Floaters are the cheapest flying unit in the game. Unfortunately this means that their armor isn't going to help
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  • {{Unit Stat Wrapper Open | title = Rebel Bugeye}} {{Unit Stat Wrapper Close}}
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