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****SPOILERS**** This is the research entry description: "\"Although our understanding of the alien technology is still limited, what we've seen so far is enough to revolutionize combat as we know it. If we are to level the playing field, we must adapt the alien technology for our own use.\"

Project research name - Skunk Works

And this the text of the research results: "As we continued our research into the alien weapons fragments and the other materials recovered from the field, we've come to realize how the aliens managed to make these substances work in conjunction with one another. While reducing the size of these components is often a challenge in itself, we decided to focus our initial efforts on a weapon more suited to deployment on our Interceptors. \n\nThis cannon was designed to concentrate energy within a small target area, and should be capable of punching through the armored hulls of the alien craft. In addition, we've also passed a number of interesting conceptual designs on to the engineering team. Dr. Shen seems confident that given the appropriate resources and testing facility, he can bring many of these concepts to life."

This is all taken from the game demo files - there's list of research projects there, along with facility stats and so on. Hobbes 14:00, 25 September 2012 (EDT)