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Just quickly looking at the intro text, I'm not sure if the comment that the module only works with missiles is correct. Just like the battlescape (where accuracy is irrelevant for homing projectiles) Missiles automatically home in on their targets regardless of the accuracy mods, and only miss because of slower turning speeds (jamming levels might affect turning a bit) and because of obstacles in their path of travel.

With beam and bullet weapons, the accuracy mods do work, but only at the time that the bullet is fired. Once the UFO moves off, the bullet will still travel in its initial trajectory.

Any additional thoughts on that?


- wow I think I just found a screw-up with Firefox. i went to edit the page, click my mouse to where I want text to go, press enter for a new line then BAM! Page fault. Five times after the exact process ain't a random thing.

Anyways, I played months worth of apocalypse (actual real-life time, that is) and noticed a trend with the missiles (as one would notice things when playing a game to death). Anyways, I had trouble getting a missile to hit a fast attack ship. I used the medium weapon control x2 on the hovercar, and then was able to actually have the game land a few missiles MORESO than usual on the craft instead of the aliens evading the missiles. Accurate misses: The aliens won't say still unless they are dropping aliens into the building, so using the control modules to aim at the same spot is a bit useless if the xcom craft are gonna hit it anyway. I used to think that the modules were actually helping all the weapons, so i just equipped all my ships with them until I realised the trend that missiles were more effective, but guns still missed alot of the time from maximum (range of the guns). Once i was aware of how I thought things were working, I stopped using the control modules on the gun platforms and only used them for missiles.

but i could be totally wrong It could mean that the aliens slow down with their erratic flying as well so a weapon hits, which I what I orginally thought about the game engine when equipping a module as trying to see the differences. alas, I don't look into the files and trying to work out what the game engine does with regards to weapon control modules VS missile accuracy VS evasive alien craft VS gun accuracy.

I have done a series experiments, but the result is almost incredible: the more ostentatious accurateness the control systems gives, the less actually accurateness non-homing weapons have.

Tested in manual mode, without any aids from the fire control system, any non-homing weapon fire focused at the point cursor aimed. In contrast, when equipped control systems, the impact points were scattered around the the point cursor aimed. What's more, the higher accurateness it showed, the larger area the impact points scattered.

Therefore the conclusion must be that: any non-homing weapon has 100% accurateness without fire control systems, but will drop their accurateness if fire control systems are equipped. Additional, it declined more if the system equipped better or more.

So it may be a bug.

- Anonymous2084