Advanced Security Station (Apocalypse)

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A security station is equipped with a set of four light disruptor turrets. It has a raised platform that they are attached to.

Advanced Security Stations have two differences from ordinary Security Stations:

1) The turrets fire Disruptor Guns instead of Megapol Plasma Guns. These are slightly more powerful, but somewhat less accurate.

2) The turrets have a more staggered position, allowing them to fire down north-south hallways without being blocked by walls, and preventing enemies with area-effect weapons such as the Marsec Heavy Launcher from damaging two turrets at once.

This module sees little use in practice, despite its advantages, as standard Security Stations are already capable of massacring any and all invasion forces that can be faced in the vanilla game (at least in real-time mode), and are cheaper and faster to build.

The standard limitations of Security Stations apply; in turn-based mode the guns will only attack in reaction fire, only three modules' worth of turrets can be active at a time, and the turrets take up unit slots.


While the security station is available from the beginning of the game, the Advanced Security Station must be unlocked via the research tree. In order to unlock the Advanced Security Station research, you must capture and research a Light Disruptor Beam.


Size (in base)1x1
Days to build4
Construction Cost$8000
Weekly Cost$300
Score points?

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