Cargo Module (Apocalypse)

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General Information

The Cargo Module allows for recovery of any equipment left on the floor at the end of a mission where all hostile units on the map have been defeated. The Cargo Module only stores equipment. Stunned organic lifeforms are catered for by the Bio-Transport Module.

When a vehicle is carrying cargo in the Cargo Module, the vehicle it will unload the equipment into the General Store module of any X-COM base that it goes to. If no stores are present, the equipment is not unloaded. This means that if you want to unload the equipment directly into the stores of a different base other than the home base of the vehicle, you can manually order the vehicle to briefly stop at the other base before returning home.

Actual Capacity

Though the information screens suggest that the module has a capacity of 50 units of equipment, there is no actual upper limit to what they can store. This means that only one cargo module is required to get all of the equipment from a mission site.

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