EXALT Elite Medic (EU2012)

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EXALT Elite Medic.png
1st Appearance {{{appears}}}
HP 8/9/10/10
Aim 55/55/65/70
Defense 0
Will 80
Movement 12

Weapon Damage Critical Chance
EXALT Laser Rifle 5 10


  • EXALT Elite Medics carry a Medikit. They also have the Smoke Grenade, Covering Fire, Smoke and Mirrors, Dense Smoke and Field Medic abilities and a gene mod called Regen Pheromones.
  • Unit also has -10 Critical Chance on Easy and Normal difficulty levels.


  • Lightning Reflexes will allow a soldier to avoid a Medic's Covering Fire.
  • Elite Medics typically stick closer to injured EXALT units, allowing them to be automatically healed by the Regen Pheromones ability.

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