EXALT Elite Operative (EU2012)

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EXALT Elite Operative.png
1st Appearance {{{appears}}}
HP 8/9/10/11
Aim 60/60/70/75
Defense 0
Will 80
Movement 12

EXALT Laser Rifle 5 10
Alien Grenade 5 0


  • EXALT Elite Operatives have a gene mod called Adrenaline Surge, which gives them +10 Aim and +10 Critical Chance after being injured.
  • Unit also has -10 Critical Chance on Easy and Normal difficulty levels.


  • Unlike XCOM's Assault class, EXALT Elite Operatives can't carry Shotgun type weapons, which makes them less lethal at close range fights.
  • Operatives also don't possess any abilities, turning them into the weakest EXALT units.
  • Their greatest strength is being cheap and expendable units, which can overcome an XCOM squad due to sheer numbers and/or by allowing EXALT heavier units to engage successfully. A group of injured Elite Operatives are even more dangerous because of the Aim and Critical Chance stats bonuses gained due to the Adrenaline Surge Gene Mod.

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