Shotgun (EU2012)

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  • The Shotgun has a high base critical chance, but extremely limited range
Source: XCOM: Enemy Unknown (2012)


Research Required N/A
Base Costs N/A
Base Damage 3-5
Critical Damage 6-8
Critical Chance 20%
Range Short
Abilities None
  • The Shotgun is the basic model in the range of high damage, short range weapons available to the Assault class. It is superseded by the Scatter Laser and Alloy Cannon models. Shotguns have better damage and higher critical chance than rifles but their chance to hit falls off drastically with range.
  • While the listed Critical Damage (on the EW DLC) is 6-8, the actual values are either 6 (66% of the shots) or 7 (33%) due to a game bug.
  • On higher difficulty levels the high defense and HP of enemies means even a shotgun may not guarantee a kill, and the consequences of failing can be severe for an Assault out in front.
  • Take caution when moving up to take a shotgun shot, an approaching assault may have no defense against a newly discovered group of aliens, especially if finishing a run and gun dash.
  • The Rapid Fire perk combines well with shotguns, with a Rapid Fire flanking shot almost guaranteeing a kill on most enemies.
  • The Shotgun is not well suited to Overwatch, because enemies tend to be first seen at long range. Switch to the pistol before placing your Assault on overwatch.

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