EXALT Operative (EU2012)

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EXALT Operative.png
1st Appearance {{{appears}}}
HP 6/7/8/9
Aim 50/50/60/65
Defense 0
Will 50
Movement 12

Weapon Damage Critical Chance
EXALT Assault Rifle 3 10
Frag Grenade 3 0


  • Unit also has -10 Critical Chance on Easy and Normal difficulty levels.


  • Unlike XCOM's Assault class, EXALT Elite Operatives can't carry Shotgun type weapons, which makes them less lethal at close range fights.
  • Operatives also don't possess any abilities, turning them into the weakest EXALT units. Their greatest strength is being cheap and expendable units, which can overcome an XCOM squad due to sheer numbers and/or by allowing EXALT heavier units to engage successfully.

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