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A base is nothing without purpose.


X-Com is given a choice of simple facilities to customise any base. Any base may be designed to have a specific purpose or be built in a one-size-fits-all style.
All Government buildings available for purchase by X-Com come with a single Access Lift and a collection of blank corridors which cannot be changed but allow facilities to be built anywhere.
Every facility, basic or advanced, will take a differing number days to build and will need to be maintained.
Any base sections damaged by hostiles with explosives, when on a Base Defense mission will be automatically repaired, with cost, at succesful completion.

Basic Facilities

Apoc accesslift.png

* Access Lift

Apoc livingquarters.png

* Living Quarters

Apoc biolab.png

* Biochemistry Lab

Apoc physicslab.png

* Quantum Physics Lab

Apoc stores.png

* Stores

Apoc aliencontainment.png

* Alien Containment

Apoc securitystation.png

* Security Station

Apoc psigym.png

* Psi-Gym

Apoc trainingarea.png

* Training Area

Apoc medicalbay.png

* Medical Bay

Apoc workshop.png

* Workshop

Apoc vehiclebay.png

* Vehicle Repair Bay

Advanced Facilities

Apoc advancedstation.png

* Advanced Security Station

Apoc advancedbio.png

* Advanced Biochemistry Lab

Apoc advancedphysics.png

* Advanced Quantum Physics Lab

Apoc advancedworkshop.png

* Advanced Workshop