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The Nanotech Medi-Kit is an automated field kit that uses nanites to quickly mend and stop blood loss from any injury received in combat.

Operation is simple. Hold it in your hand, tell it which limb to heal, and away it goes. Two kits can be held simultaneously to mend different limbs. Two kits cannot work on the same limb at the same time. There are no charges, so the medikit will be able to work at all times.

Due to the delicate nature of the mending process, you must be standing firmly on solid ground and not walk about when initiating the healing process or else the kit will switch off automatically.

X-COM designed Medi-Kits of the past could only be used on other agents. The Nanotech Medi-Kit addresses this flaw by allowing the Medi-Kit to operate on the user. This has unfortunately introduced the opposite flaw of not being able to use it on others. This means that you cannot resuscitate an unconscious agent that is bleeding to death.

In order to make the kit easier to carry, gone are the pill dispensers that stored pain killers and stimulant shots used to revive unconscious agents. X-COM agents have gone far since then, and are expected to just tough it out.

Because it prevents death by blood loss, it is a vital device to carry into the battle field. Ideally, everyone should have one, but if that is not possible, be sure to have at least one or two Medi-Kits on standby in the field at all times.


Nanotech Medi-kit.png
  • Size: 2 x 2
  • Weight: 3
  • Manufacturer: Nanotech
  • Base Price: $250
  • Minimum Weekly Stock: 4
  • Maximum Weekly Stock: 14
  • Battlescape Score: 2

"A compact but highly sophisticated life support kit. Wounds and bleeding can be healed quickly by injecting Nanobots into the bloodstream. When the device is activated the operator must select a part of the body affected by critical wounds. The device will cure these wounds quickly, but only if the Agent remains inactive while it is in operation."

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