Security Station (Apocalypse)

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Apoc securitystation.png

A security station is equipped with a set of four plasma turrets. It has a raised platform that they are attached to.

In real-time mode, Security Stations form a nearly-unbreachable barrier during Base Defense missions, slaughtering even the most well-equipped invaders with ease. Unfortunately, in turn-based mode the turrets only attack in reaction fire, and they have relatively-poor Reactions so this is rare. In any case, the turrets are nearly indestructible and will certainly serve to waste invaders' ammunition and time fruitlessly.

Only three modules worth of turrets can operate at any given time. Modules appear to take up soldier slots, which can result in reduced numbers of Agents and/or technical personnel appearing in the Battlescape if there are a large number of personnel in the base.


Size (in base)1x1
Days to build2
Construction Cost$2000
Weekly Cost$200
Score points?

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