Teleporter (Apocalypse)

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The Aliens have developed a very effective teleportation system that allows a craft to jump instantly over short distances. The unit is automatically activated when a vehicle is under fire and receiving damage. Its offensive use is limited because the destination cannot be controlled accurately.  From: Apocalypse Ufopaedia


  • Size: 2 × 2
  • Weight: 90
  • Teleportation: 100%
  • Manufacturer: X-Com (exotic copy)
  • Sell Price: 27700
  • Maximum Weekly Stock: 20

A version of a Personal Teleporter but made for UFOs.
The Teleporter will move any craft instantaneously once hull damage is detected, but to a random location and distance which cannot be chosen or predicted. The teleporter is an escape mechanism!
The random destination of the teleportation is useful within Mega-Primus due to the size of the city, whereas using this exotic device as a quick escape tactic in the Alien Dimension may teleport your damaged craft closer to other UFOs thus, attracting more alien craft into the fray.