The Ultimate Threat

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The Ultimate Threat

Sixty five million years ago a vast colony ship was sent to the Earth from a distant Alien world. As the enormous craft approached the infant planet a massive and violent solar flare caused a navigation systems failure. Crippled and failing the vast bulk plummeted through the stratosphere to emerge into Cretaceous skies. On the Earth innumerable species of life strained their gazes skywards as their nemesis ploughed into the planet.

A vast cloud of dust clogged the atmosphere and as the land cooled so the dominant life, the mighty dinosaurs, perished. But the 400 billion tonnes of T'leth was not destroyed in the impact, sophisticated super computers initiated a cryogenic sleep cycle for the creatures deep in its holds. As the aeons passed the computers woke parties of Aliens to attempt communication with their stellar cousins, all in vain for the core of the Alien power slept on.

Source: Terror From The Deep Ufopaedia
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