Apartments (Apocalypse)

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Vast apartment blocks are standard accommodation in the city. They should be treated carefully in any combat situation because of the high density of civilians at all times of day. An Alien incident in an accommodation block should be dealt with promptly.  From: Apocalypse Ufopaedia



  • Acropolis Apartments
  • Atlantis Apartments
  • Babylon Apartments
  • Ecozone Apartments
  • Habizone Apartments
  • Ptolemy Apartments

Alien Infiltration Potential: Average

Battlescape Combat

A hotel style of battlescape with grid like pattern of repetitive two-level rooms with garish wallpaper and carpets.
Clean and simple hallways connecting the budget rooms allows long range firefights interspread with hostile ambushes when searching the rooms for stragglers. Flight is restricted and not necessary. Smoke will allow cover in longer hallways. Aliens are usually grouped in one part with roaming poppers being a deadly threat due to limited height. A motion scanner should be used to check the rooms. Any anomalous traces inside should be destroyed with explosive thrown from outside to blow out the walls. The doors are choke-points.
No room service!

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