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The Transtellar corporation owns the Space Port and many of the Space Liners that ship to the city. They also own many warehouses spread throughout the city which are used by many corporations involved in importing and exporting. The city goods transport service and the taxi service are owned and run by Transtellar. The corporation has been regarded suspiciously by Megapol which considers the corporation susceptible to Alien contamination.  From: Apocalypse Ufopaedia


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  • A transport company which provides options for transferring either personel or equipment.
  • Transtellar is sympathetic to the Aliens and will eventually become hostile to X-Com. Transfers provided by AutoTaxi or AirTrans will not be possible once hostile but this can be circumvented with money, or other persuasive methods.
  • Space Liner vehicles are common throughout the cities' skies.

Misconception: People Tubes are not owned by Transtellar.

Alien Infiltration Speed: Average



  • none

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Defence Forces

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