Aqua Plastics

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General Information


Alien submarines and structures utilise an incredibly strong, flexible and durable material for the majority of their construction. Aqua plastics are complex multi-bonded and Zrbite catalysed materials. Dense, yet light, the substance has strength above even Titanium or Kevlar.

Additional Information

Aqua Plastics require 100 man hours to build, and $3,000. You can also obtain them from Alien Colonies and Alien Subs. They can be sold for $6,500.

This item appears in Terror from the Deep. For the UFO: Enemy Unknown equivalent, refer to Alien Alloys.

Tips & Tricks

  • To research Aqua Plastics, you will first need to perform a Deep One autopsy. Unlike certain other TFTD research topics, you do not actually need a sample of Aqua Plastics to research Aqua Plastics, so there is no risk of a research tree bug.
  • This stuff is the scrap-metal resource of TFTD. Even a moderately successful commander should have heaps after recovering a few crashed Alien Subs, so don't bother making any - indeed, you'll probably want to sell some of what you recover. Your technicians should rather focus on turning Aqua Plastics into more useful things, such as armour and eventually new tanks and submarines.

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