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Interceptor Timeline (from X-COM: Interceptor Manual)

The Frontier
On October 27, the probe code-named Tombstone 1 begins transmitting telemetry from its destination
coordinates a globular cluster approximately 100 light-years from Earth. The data shows dozens of
star systems in the probe's immediate vicinity, nearly all them supporting planets. Many of the
planets within the probe's limited scanning range show promise of incredible wealth in minerals and
raw materials, including traces of Elerium-115.
When this news is made public, nearly every large corporation in the world begins immediate
construction of deep space colony ships to take advantage of the promise of interstellar wealth.
Likening this potential "wagon train to the stars" to the expansion of Americans into the western
territories in the 19th century, this new region of space quickly becomes known as "The Frontier".
In late March, the first three corporate missions are already on their way to The Frontier, and
numerous others are in the final stages of preparation. Though they are not willing to forgo the
potential treasures of deep-space colonies, many corporate leaders express fears that mankind's
expansion into the stars might lead to another encounter with hostile aliens, this time, on their
own turf. In a joint meeting of business leaders and the world governments, it is decided that a
defensive force should be established on The Frontier, standing ready to deal with any threat that
might arise.
F. Denman Williams II, successor to the X-COM Corporation's former leader, agrees to turn over
limited control of X-COM to the government so that defensive bases can be established in The
Frontier. Meanwhile, to avoid stretching the organization's resources too thin, Williams signs an
agreement with a private security firm to take over the X-COM bases at Luna 3 and Mars Colony 1.
This firm, operating under the name of Marsec (short for Mars Security) quickly gains renown
for its ability for its ability to keep the local peace. Also, with the support of Denman
Dynamics - a manufacturing corporation also owned by Williams - Marsec becomes a major player in
the manufacture and sale of weapons and spacecraft.
The first corporate outposts begin operation in The Frontier in November. Fleets of Cybermove
Systems' new Starhaul freighters support the outposts, and transport raw materials, personnel, and
equipment within outpost systems and back to Earth as needed.
As all Earth-based organizations turn their attention to the stars, the Earth Science Corps
officially changes its name to the Galactic Science Corps (GSC).
January 1st: X-COM begins patrolling The Frontier.
The first X-COM base is established in The Frontier. X-COM Base 1 is manned with the best space
pilots available, all with brand-new Transtellar X-1A Lightning II fighter-interceptor. The base
itself, while not manned with a science team, is equipped with a sophisticated data downlink
system that allows the base computers to download all the latest scientific advances from Earth
and the GSC.
Financial and material support for the base is provided by the corporate outposts, which act as
manufacturing centres, supply depots, and staging points for the new pilot recruits who have
ventured into The Frontier. The outposts also provide funding for X-COM in exchange for protection!

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