Devastator Cannon

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The Devastator Cannon, image from the UFOpaedia

The devastator cannon is another step up the alien technology tree, packing even more firepower than the Disruptor Gun, while possessing greater range and accuracy. Used in one hand in aimed mode it is very deadly at long range, capable of killing unshielded foes in 2 or 3 hits, and shielded foes in 5 or 6. Devastator Cannons lose accuracy when dual wielded, but a soldier with two, on either full auto or snap shot firing modes, can lay down a storm of suppressive fire and destroy terrain. In the hands of the aliens, it is capable of cutting down unshielded soldiers in 2 or 3 hits, and will often critically wound a soldier in one hit. Devastator Cannons coupled with cloaking devices will allow you to fire at long range on enemies without them seeing you. Aliens with this gun are much more deadly than Disruptor Gunners, so should be prioritised until Entropy or Dimension missiles start appearing.

When disruptor weapons are destroyed by explosion or fire they usually discharge a couple of shots in random directions.

Official Entry: "This is an immensely devastating version of the standard Disruptor Gun. Again it is based on the same inter-dimensional technology that seems to power the Dimension Gates. It is possible that these weapons are actually drawing power from some remote source connected by an inter-dimensional field. This amazing technology seems to be incongruous with the Aliens' organic weaponry and may originate from some other Alien intelligence."


Devastator Cannon

Devastator Cannon inventory.png
  • Size: 2 × 4
  • Weight: 8
  • ROF: 0.9 r/s
  • Accuracy: 75%
  • Power: 70
  • Damage Type: Disruptor
  • Ammo: 34 (recharging)
  • Range: 62.5m
  • Base Price: $4500
  • Battlescape Score: 10

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