Investigation (Chimera)

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Investigation displays your overall progress through the campaign, including current status and completed, pending, and upcoming Operations, as well as active Dark Events, and the info on the Leader of a given group.

The Investigation process is done automatically, only requiring to wait and complete the corresponding missions. This process can be speeded up by completing special Lead Missions which have the decreasing of Investigation time as the reward. Until these Investigation Missions are complete, they will generate 1 Unrest per day at the District where they are located.

Dark Events

Darks Events currently underway may make your Missions more difficult. They can make enemies more powerful, more numerous, or worse. Dark Events become more likely the closer you get to taking down the Faction, and later Operations will start with more Dark Events already active.

Investigation Progress

Investigations each focus on a separate enemy Faction. They can be undertaken in any order, one at a time. Investigations contain three types of activities: Groundwork, Operations, and Takedowns.

Groundwork is a special type of Tactical Mission that introduces an Investigation’s major conflict. Each Investigation starts with one Groundwork Mission that must be completed before the Investigation can progress.

A series of Operations forms the bulk of an Investigation. Each Operation has a Hidden Target Mission, an end goal that must be unlocked first.

  • Lead Missions (purple) are optional, they unlock the Hidden Target Mission sooner and provide rewards.
  • Side Missions (yellow) provide important resources and equipment to keep the squad prepared for danger.
  • Situations (blue) can be completed from within HQ. They don’t require combat and cost nothing but 1 day time.
  • Hidden Target Mission (purple) is the Operation end goal, which is only available after a certain number of days. It adds Unrest to its District every day it is active. Completing the Hidden Target Mission marks the end of the Operation.

Takedown marks the end of each Investigation. These dangerous and challenging combat Missions neutralize the corresponding enemy Faction by confronting its powerful Leader. This mission always has three Encounters in total. You may encounter a mini-boss in one of the early phases. The main boss appears in the third Encounter. Like Groundwork Missions, there is only one Takedown per Investigation.

By eliminating a Faction, you also unlock the Assembly research tech for that faction’s items.


Time is a critical consideration in XCOM: Chimera Squad.

  • In-game time typically advances by completing Missions.
  • Many Strategy tasks take a certain number of in-game days to complete.
  • Missions are only available for a limited time.

An agent assigned to a strategy task (in Assembly, Spec Ops or Training) that takes two in-game days to complete will not be available to deploy on Tactical Missions until those two days have passed. Agent can be removed from facility slots, but at the cost of progress. You can sometimes manually advance the in-game day without completing a Mission. However, this can trigger Unrest to rise in some parts of the city.