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General Information


The Aquatoid race is an ancient society, having existed millennia before man's first faltering steps upon the world. Their compact form and bulbous features are a throwback to their space faring brethren, the Sectoids.

Their power is based on the powerful Molecular Control technology. The Aquatoid race seeks to propagate its sterile race by genetic modification, the ideal subjects being Human beings. Experiments have spawned numerous hybrid races.

Source: Terror From The Deep Ufopaedia

Aquatoid Autopsy
Aquatoid Autopsy

The detailed analysis on this creature allow us to make some basic assumptions. It is a Sectoid, our former foes, but changed by surgical methods and implants to be aquatic creature.

Vestigial lungs allow the breathing of air and limited surface mobility. There are cybernetic implants throughout the body, enhancing the strength of its atrophied limbs and the function of its organs.

As all members of this race are identical, we may hypothesise that these creatures are clones.

Source: Terror From The Deep Ufopaedia
Time Units 54 - 79
Health 30 - 35
Energy 90 - 148
Reactions 63 - 85
Strength 30 - 50
Bravery 80
Firing Accuracy 20 - 84
Throwing Accuracy 58
MC Skill 0 - 62
MC Strength 35 - 62
Front Armour 1 - 4
Left Armour 1 - 3
Right Armour 1 - 3
Back Armour 0 - 2
Under Armour 0 - 2
Hidden Attributes
Melee Accuracy 76 - 112
Energy Recharge 30
Victory Points 10
Standing Height 16
Kneeling Height 12
Intelligence 3 - 8
Aggression 0 - 2
Other information
Armour category Humanoid
Possible Ranks Soldier, Squad Leader, Technician, Navigator, Medic, Commander
Unique Attributes Technician, Navigator and Commander have Molecular Control attack

The Aquatoid is a genetically engineered, ancient alien race closely related to their space/land based cousins, the Sectoid race. Some experts have disputed that the Sectoid race actually descended from the Aquatoids, judging by the webbing on their feet and hands.

Aquatoids are often the first alien race to be encountered, and are very active in the early game. They will become noticeably less common once Lobster Men and Tasoths appear on the scene, but will redouble their efforts starting from August 2040.

Aquatoids possess average weapon skills and are extremely vulnerable to all weapons, including the rudimentary harpoon family. Explosive weapons are particularly effective weapon against them, since a near miss will likely still kill any nearby Aquatoids.

Despite their fraility, Aquatoids are better shots than Gillmen, somewhat faster and have much better Reactions. Aquatoid Technicians, Navigators and Commanders are feared for their Molecular Control ability. In fact, the Aquatoid Commander is the strongest M.C. capable alien in the game. Aquatoids are also among the more intelligent Aliens, and their M.C. users will often hole up and avoid revealing themselves.

Apart from launching their own missions, Aquatoids will also appear in Alien Colony assault and Artefact Site missions, and a number of them will be present on Mixed Crew missions. Finally, they are present on all three levels of the final mission.

From a research standpoint, Aquatoids aren't a very interesting bunch. Researching their M.C. users will not allow you to research M.C. Labs, and researching their Navigators or Commanders doesn't unlock anything interesting. Their associated terrorists, the Calcinites are, however, important since they will unlock the Vibro Blade research topic.


  • Technicians, Navigators and Commanders possess M.C. ability.
  • Trivia: While the Aquatoid is clearly an alteration of the Grey-like Sectoid, it very likely owes some of its inspiration to the Spawn of Cthulhu from Call of Cthulhu.

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