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Section structuring

EsTeR: Perhaps we'll go with the levels of severity to split the exploits into groups, but then make separate pages for each severity level and then move all the related exploits into them. This page is getting quite large (the article).

All that needs to be left behind is a quick listing of the exploits (bookmarks).

This might be a good way to reduce the size of the document to something that's less intimidating.


"intimidating" - thats exactly what i thought before I started editing this page.

Yes for the bookmarks thingy.

I've got plans to rip up the Known Bugs page and categorise the bugs into different ratings also. i think four/five major titles should do, obviously having the critical game-killer bugs first, then severe next, etc.

"get quite large" - and another reason! My browser (firefox v2.##) started bombing out when trying to load the whole page. i dunno if its wiki fault, or the browser, but I think it would look 'unprofessional' on us all if it were a dodgy mess. Uniformity and ease of navigation for all!

I have been re-writing most sub sections with an eye to an easy explaination to start the article, then trying to apply uniformness in formatting. I think I'm going OK so far. EsTeR


...with the look of the exploits main page??

I think if any links are made to the actual exploits, it is possible to go thru the main page with its dooms-day disclaimer?? The reason why I ask this is just so any visitors to this site are "forced"' to go thru the main exploit page to get to the exploit texts if anyone linked to the texts from elsewhere. I dunno what it possible.

I think there is a way to do that... NKF, you know how, right? BTW ... you are going to go fix all the old links now, right? :) (Using "what links here") So they point to the exploit itself? I for one could've lived with simply collating all the exploits under headings on the Exploit page... then no re-linking would've been needed. But you and NKF spend a lot more time here, and both favored new subpages, shrug. - MikeTheRed 16:09, 12 October 2007 (PDT)
Bookmarks? Simple, use a standard wiki link, but add a hash and then the section title that you want to jump right to (naturally if it's in the same page, just leave the page name out and just put a hash in right away). Check the source for this example that takes to you to ExploitsB My Pet Alien section. - NKF
Hey MTR, I will go thru and fix links. I knew what I'm getting myself into by going into the exploits page and running amok. Its not that I have a perverse trait to make anyone suffer, its just that my browser was screwing up the page because it was so large and convoluted. Relax please. Obviously there is no reason to go thru and clean stuff up until the exploits page (and all sub-pages) are in order. I'm eyeing off that Known Bugs page as well. Once those two are in order and have a more logical progression, then visitors to the site can enjoy themselves instead of wondering why things are going spaz.

by all means please help with edits if you want. I don't actually contrib many new things, but I do want to be able to enjoy learning new things without losing half a page of what you, and the few regulars, have written... and for your contributions, and other poeples contributions, thankyou for making my favourite game series better.

No problem, sounds great and is looking good, EsTeR. :) Right, the Bugs page is another one that grew into a huge "successive tack-on" page. NKF, I see what you mean - I missed how easy the link-fixes would be. The Explosion page is another "tack on" page - most of that done by me (the writing, at least) - and I hope to restructure it sometime soon. Meanwhile I'm still adding to it, lol. - MikeTheRed 16:02, 17 October 2007 (PDT)