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Not a bot, trying to help verify stuff for wiki.

To Do:

  • (Verified) S.H.I.V.s rescue civilians, disarm nodes/bombs. (All SHIVs or only certain types?)
  • (Verified) Multiple uses of Combat Stims during single mission.
  • Test Deep Pockets & Combat Stims -> result should be three uses.
    • (Verified) Combat Stims still limited to two uses per mission, even with Deep Pockets.
      • Potential bug since it is an usable item.
  • Captured Drone able to heal MEC with Defender's Medal for more HP.
    • (Verified) Captured Drones do not repair MEC with Defender's Medal (Medikit option) for more HP.
  • (Verified) Council Medal of Honor left bonus: requires ten missions with no deaths for full effect or last ten missions without deaths determines effect.
    • Left bonus is dependent upon when soldier is awarded and each mission awarded soldier participates in. If awarded soldier only participates in two missions out of X missions, the soldier will only receive +1 Aim & Will on the second mission. The awarded soldier must participate in eleven missions without any deaths to receive maximum benefit (+10 Aim & Will).

Please feel free to add more!