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This page aims to list all of the stats and inform as to their purpose. All the stats can be improved through combat experience (with the exception of Strength and possibly TU/speed) or training (with the exception of Bravery).

The following table lists the theoretical minimum and maximum values for each stat, as well as the starting values for the various types of X-com agents and personnel. Note that the stats of technical personnel and security stations cannot be improved, and these units are only present when your base gets attacked; stats are provided for reference only.

Stat Min. Value Max. Value Human Recruit Hybrid Recruit Android Recruit Technical 1 Security station 2
Health 100 40-50 30-40 70-90 35-45 500
Accuracy 96 15-35 20-40 30-50 10-30 60
Reactions 100 10-40 15-45 15-40 5-25 44
Speed 100 70-85 60-75 60-80 50-65 60
Stamina 100 40-60 50-70 60-85 30-50 80
Bravery 100 20-70 20-50 60-100 10-50 0
Strength 100 40-55 30-40 55-85 20-40 10
Psi Energy 100 5-20 30-45 0 5-20 0
Psi Attack 100 5-20 25-40 0 5-20 0
Psi Defense 99 15-30 25-40 100 15-30 100

1: Quantum Physicists, Biochemists and Engineers. Some of the stats (Accuracy, Strength, Psi Energy, Psi Attack) are irrelevant since they cannot use any items

2: Attributes are for each turret in a security station


One of the most important attributes for an Agent is Health. If this ever reaches 0 (or less), the Agent is dead. Medi-Kits will restore the health of injured agents by 5 points and heal critical wounds (which will make the unit lose health in combat as time goes by).

If present Medical Bays will recover health losses back at base.


This determines how accurate your agent's shots are. The higher it is, the more likely they are to hit. This stat applies both to firing and throwing. Arguably the most important stat; it maxes out at 96, and at that point an agent can fire two devestator cannons on snap shot with no loss in accuracy or on full auto with little loss in accuracy. Experience is gained per shot that hits a live target, with fairly low requirements, so with frequent combat and raids, it will train very fast.


Reactions determines how fast your agent reacts to threats in Real Time and Turn Based, similarly to the original X-COM. A higher value is better.

Speed/Time Units

This determines the agent's maximum movement speed (in Real-Time combat) or the number of time units available during Turn-Based Combat. A higher number is a faster/more capable agent. The actual speed/TUs can be decreased by carrying weapons and equipment (modified by the agent's Strength) so carrying too much gear slows your agent down, or encumberance.


Agents consume stamina when running, and running out of it will force the agent to walk until they recover.


When fellow agents are killed or injuries are suffered an unit may lose morale and it will gain it when enemy units are killed. Higher bravery stats will soften the morale losses along with the presence of officers (but if they are killed it will mean higher morale losses).

If morale reaches a critical level (or zero), the agent panics. This goes both ways - it is possible for aliens and other human forces to panic if enough of their comrades are killed.

Higher ranking units are less affected by morale than lower ones.


This determines how strong the agent is, thusly impacting how much equipment they can carry and how fast they can travel. A higher strength is better. Strength can ONLY be increased through training at a training facility.


Psi energy is used when making psionic attacks. It works somewhat like stamina - without psi energy, you can't make psionic attacks. Androids have 0 psi energy.


Psi attack determines how strong your agent's psionic attacks are. The stronger they are, the more chance they have of overwhelming the target's Psi defense - but some aliens are completely immune to psionics. Androids have 0 psi attack.


Psi defense indicates how resistant your agent is to psionic attack. The higher it is, the more chance the agent has of resisting psionic assault. Androids have 100 psi defense.

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