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General Information

The supply vessel is used during the construction of Alien colonies or for supplying existing colonies. It carries Alien nutrients, DNA, foetuses and other biological components.

This ship appears in Terror from the Deep. For the UFO: Enemy Unknown equivalent, refer to the Supply ship.



Damage capacity: 2000

Weapon Power: 70

Weapon Range: 304 km

Maximum Speed: 3400 knots

Additional Information

Fleet Supply Cruisers serve very few purposes: they may show up in auxiliary roles during the final stage of Alien Base and Alien Infiltration missions, but their main role is, unsurprisingly, to supply existing alien bases.

Being mostly a freighter, a Fleet Supply Cruiser has a weak crew compared to the value of the ship and its cargo. It's a common tactic not to eliminate a base but instead to redirect the regular deliveries into one's own stores. However, Alien Supply missions usually happen in the dead of night.

Note: The Fleet Supply Cruiser's interception image is switched with that of the Battleship in-game. This is almost certainly a bug (the UFOpaedia images are not switched, and looks a lot more like the respective subs) and so the UFOpaedia images are listed here and on the Battleship page.

Recoverable Components

Item Sell Price Quantity Value
Ion Beam Accelerators$250,0004$1,000,000
Magnetic Navigation$80,0007$560,000
Alien Sub Construction$20,0002$40,000
Alien Cryogenics$5,0000$0
Alien Cloning$40,00010$400,000
Alien Learning Arrays$20,0004$80,000
Alien Implanter$38,0000$0
Examination Room$9,0000$0
Alien Re-Animation Zone$1005$500
Aqua Plastics$6,500171$1,111,500

Alien Deployment

Rank Beg./Exp. Vet./Gen. Super.
Squad Leaders1-21*2

* Needs testing to determine actual number.

Floor Plan

Terrain Maps

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