Heavy Weapons Control (Apocalypse)

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The largest and most complex weapons control system available from Cyberweb.An expensive unit that should only be used on heavily loaded weapons platforms.  From: Apocalypse Ufopaedia

Heavy Weapons Control

Craft Dev Aim3 (Apocalypse).png
  • Weight: 12
  • Size: 2 × 2
  • Accuracy: +30%
  • Style: road/air
  • Manufacturer: Cyberweb
  • Available: Week 3
  • Base Price: $6,000
  • Minimum Weekly Stock: 1
  • Maximum Weekly Stock: 2
  • Storage Space: 40

A weapon control module can give extra accuracy to guided projectiles. The space required for the heavy weapon control is 2x2, so it's best suited for larger vehicles.

Weapon control modules are useless when using guns. It does not matter how accurate the attack is, you will still miss if the UFO is no longer where it was when the bullet was fired. Use them with missile weapons for best results.

Note, I'm still not entirely sure on that last bit. Because missiles are auto-homing projectiles, would the accuracy mods affect the missile turn speed? Jammers definitely reduce the speed by making them fly off in a wider circle. Needs some way of testing. - NKF

The abilities of the weapon control modules can be stacked, however every additional module will have its accuracy reduced incrementally more for every module that is installed. The Nth module will have its power divided by N. This is known as a Harmonic Series.

For example:

  • 1st module: 30% (30% / 1)
  • 2nd module: 15% (30% / 2) with both modules adding 45% accuracy to the vehicle
  • 3rd module: 10% (30% / 3) with all three modules adding 55% accuracy to the vehicle
  • 4th module: 7.5% (30% / 4) with all four module adding 62% (62.5% rounded down) accuracy to the vehicle

The fractions are rounded down to an integer. If mixing weapon control sizes, the larger sizes are considered first in the formula.

In short, the more modules of the same type that are installed beyond the first 2 reduce the overall effectiveness of the accuracy boost.

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