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The Cyberweb corporation developed artificial life forms to provide a willing and obedient workforce for the future. However, popular protest against unemployment forced the Senate to pass laws against artificial life. No more Androids could be built and they were banned from employment except the most menial and degrading jobs. Cyberweb had to change strategy and compete with the Nanotech corporation for medical and military contracts. The unfortunate Androids were either banished from the city or had to be bought and sold as household servants or pets. Androids are good for combat, although they possess no Psionic abilities, and the few that remain may well risk seeking employment by X-COM and join the battle against the Aliens.  From: Apocalypse Ufopaedia


Apoc cyberweb icon.png

  • A supplier of vehicle electronics which assists in weapon targeting and missile evasion.
Alien Infiltration Speed: Average


Vehicle Equipment

Initial Attitudes


Defence Forces

A basic selection of items:

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