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A Leader is one of the top Alien Ranks, and is the least common found alien types only found on the medium and large UFOs, and at Alien Bases. Their role on board is give out orders and ensure that their mission is being performed correctly.

In combat a Leader is stronger than most other ranks in combat, with high intelligence, generally improved statistics (somewhat race dependant), sometimes noticeably better armour, but usually lowered aggression. In terms of equipment they may well be using powerful weapons including the Blaster Launcher, but not always. They are among the toughest opponents you will run into on any given mission, especially Sectoids who have can use Psionics to attack your mean from their hiding place on the bridge.


UFO Type Beg./Exp. Vet./Gen. Super.
Small Scout000
Medium Scout000
Large Scout000
Supply Ship111
Terror Ship111
Alien Base234

Captured Leaders

Interrogating a captured leader will allow research of The Martian Solution. If the leader is a Sectoid it will also allow research of Psionics.

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