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Identical in function to the Smoke Grenade and Dye Grenade used during the previous wars, Megapol's Smoke Grenade covers a rather large area with a blanket of dense smoke. The density of smoke affects vision, where the densest smoke of multiple grenades can reduce visibility to Stun Grapple range.

Smoke grenades are useful for neutralizing patches of fire, stun gas and even anti-alien gas clouds. They will also knock out civilians and agents without helmets. Aliens are protected against smoke.

In turn-based mode these are your primary defensive weapon. Aliens will stop attacks against targets they can not see, and might resume their patrols or charge in to engage. This makes it very effective at closing distance with aliens, so that rookies can efficiently use full auto weapons. Drop smoke at the end of your turn to prevent return fire as your agents move forward.

Smoke grenades have some downside as multiple alien types are made to engage at short range. In particular, Poppers and Hyperworms are very lethal up close and smoke will help them close the distance.

The aliens have a continuous supply of Smoke Grenades despite their hostile relations with Megapol. They are very well aware of how to use them to neutralize other gas clouds.

To arm, left-click on the grenade and set the time delay. Note, however, that the timer begins as soon as the grenade leaves the agent's hand: on the shortest fuse, the grenade explodes in his face! Also note that the timer cannot be stopped after throwing/dropping, even if an agent picks up the grenade. To detonate the grenade on impact, right-click on it and throw.


Smoke Grenade
Smoke Grenade (Apocalypse).png
  • Size: 1 × 1
  • Weight: 2
  • Power: 90
  • Damage Type: Smoke
  • Blast Radius: 5
  • Manufacturer: Megapol
  • Base Price: $30
  • Minimum Weekly Stock: 25
  • Maximum Weekly Stock: 60
  • Battlescape Score: 1

"This explosive device generates an instant smoke cloud that inhibits visibility. This can be used in combat situations for surprise attacks or to provide cover for retreating Agents."

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